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MOST’s Digital Strategy is Internationally Recognized! Startups Exhibited at MWC & Asia Tech Generated Record High Collaboration

Digital Deployment of Key Post-Pandemic Industries Generates Record-Breaking Contacts and Business Leads

Due to the pandemic and global digitalization, TTA’s global digital transformation strategy has its eyes set on key advanced industries in Europe, US, and Asia markets. It’s recent participation in the world’s biggest mobile industry and tech exhibition – MWC in Spain and Asia’s flagship tech event – Asia Tech in Singapore has brought the highest number of potential business partnerships with corporates from around the world. 


For the first time this year, MWC exhibition went completely virtual focusing on 5G, remote medication, and satellite communication. Asia Tech, organized by the Singapore government, combined several physical events into one large-scale exhibition featuring AI, IoT, and digital technologies. As Europe and Asia’s premier exhibitions, MWC and Asia Tech were able to draw exhibitors form over 150 countries and 2,000 leading enterprises from different industries including mobile industry’s Ericsson and Nokia, tech giants like HP, Sony, GE, and Samsung, in addition to multinational corporations such as, KPMG, Deloitte, Softbank, Roche, Novartis and more.


Living up to the expectation, TTA startups did an extraordinary job at both events. The 45 startups attracted 1,500 business contacts and meetings as well as over 70 collaboration offers from major tech companies including HP, Sony, GE, and Samsung. There are also discussions of investment opportunities and collaboration with KPMG, Deloitte, and Softbank. Such outstanding performance is an indicator of global recognition in Taiwan’s technology and startups’ competitiveness.


Advanced Digital Transformation and Initiating Inter-Ministerial Global Marketing Platform through Swift Deployment

Minister Tsung-Tsong Wu, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), stated that MOST has initiated its global digital transformation strategy in response to the fast-paced growth of AI, 5G, and IoT digital technologies as well as to assist startups in overcoming impacts brought by the pandemic on global industries. Through OMO (online-merge-offline) approach, not only can TTA startups smoothly transform and continue to shine at online international exhibitions, it also empower them to better position themselves in the ever-changing global markets. In addition, another goal of the initiative is to create an inter-ministerial marketing platform to locate teams to represent Taiwan to join future international events as well as leverage networks of each ministry and organization to further promote Taiwan startup brand on global stage.Taking the participantion in MWC & Asia Tech for example, a total of 38 out of the 45 startups (over 80%) were offered collaboration opportunity with global enterprises proves the success and fruitfulness of the efforts.


FaceHeart, a startup focusing on AI, deep learning, and biometrics sensing with applications in smart healthcare, smart transportation, fintech, and security, which has collaborated with more than ten multinationals in customized technology development, received business order from Samsung.


Funtek, an instant communication and interaction software developer known for its intuitive interface, which has established business in 24 countries in retail, banking, e-commerce for cosmeceuticals, physical exhibitions and online events, and social media platform, established partnership with Chinto Technologies, the largest telecommunication provider in Nigeria, to develop chatbot technology. 


Ible Technology, developer of the world’s smallest wearable air purifier with negative-ion technology which helps users eliminate PM2.5 particles and other sources of allergy, obtained partnerships with StreamCast from Singapore and Terju Pharma Fukiaire from Malaysia to expand into SE Asia markets.


Furthermore, several startups are in ongoing discussions with more international companies on potential business opportunities, such as Nestech with Sony, Singtel and Roche; Intersection Energy dialogue with Looop from Japan and British Petroleum (BP); and Uniigym with Singapore Airlines and Mastercard. Through participation in online exhibitions, TTA startups are able to engage potential customers that were previously out of reach and prove the international competitive edge of Taiwan. 


Taiwan Tech Arena Calls for Startups to Join the Digital National League to Bring Taiwan’s Glory on Global Stage

Since the official launch of Taiwan Tech Arena in June 2018, TTA has become a startup hub and serve as the platform connecting Taiwan ecosystem with global markets and resources. Through partnership with international startup accelerators including SOSV-MOX, Sparklabs Taipei, IAPS, and BE Accelerator and relevant organizations, TTA has to-date accelerated more than 400 local and international startups. Besides continuing efforts in connecting Taiwan startups with the global ecosystems, this year TTA aims to boost Taiwan startup brand by actively engaging in global strategic digital transformation and inter-ministerial collaboration.


For upcoming exhibitions, TTA will lead startups to participate in world’s top annual events such as US’ most anticipated TechCrunch Disrupt in September, Europe’s biggest startup exhibition – Web Summit in November, and the world’s most influential tech event – CES in January 2022 under one virtual pavilion to attract more global attention. For those interested in joining the abovementioned exhibitions and more, please submit application form (https://forms.gle/YofmsXHWKGDiHMaZ8) by August 6. Startups nationwide are welcome to apply.


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Last Modified : 2021/10/19