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TTA Startups won 11 COMPUTEX d&i Awards

Press Release

June 1, 2021


TTA Startups won 11 COMPUTEX d&i Awards


TTA Startups Braves through the Pandemic with 55% Global Award Win Rate

The recent worsening pandemic situation is having huge impact on Taiwan industries but creates opportunities for startups. For the first time this year, COMPUTEX goes hybrid, offering a combination of innovative online and offline experience. COMPUTEX d&i awards, a global design and innovation contest, which aims to drive innovation and optimized R&D attracted 166 submissions of innovations from 7 countries.

An elite panel of judges including angel investors from Silicon Valley reviewed submissions based on five key criteria—“Innovation”, “Technical”, “Functionality”, “Social”, “Craftsmanship and Aesthetics,” to select winners of this year. Among 21 TTA startups, 11 startups or 55 percent won. Amongst them, two startups – JGB and DoQubiz are awarded with the Gold Awards and Specialty Awards respectively.



JGB and DoQubiz Wins the Global Innovation Award Highest Distinction with the Support of TTA

TTA startups – JGB Smart Property and DoQubiz are awarded with Gold Award and Specialty Award at this year’s COMPUTEX d&i awards along with tech giant ASUS. According to MoST, COMPUTEX is not only a tech exhibition with the longest history in Taiwan but also one of the most important global technology keystones. Over the past few years, MoST has actively promoted innovative technology with market potential and facilitated commercialization, and market globalization for startups through TTA. Having two startups win the highest COMPUTEX d&i awards alongside ASUS proves the strengths of Taiwan startups and their capability to compete with international tech giants.

With the rise of the residential leasing market in Asia, JGB Smart Property offers SaaS applications for residential property management with its cloud based software solution which automatically integrated information such as lease agreement, tenant information, lease term, rent, repairs and smart home device management to effectively streamline and increase efficiency of property management business.

DoQubiz, a cybersecurity startup, foresees the global demand of 5G and IoT and has developed a disruptive innovation for data security management. Unlike traditional firewall, DoQubiz focuses on its customers’ most important confidential files. After fragmenting the files, the fragments are each encrypted with block chain technology. Not only does this effectively prevent theft and blackmail but also reduce the risk of file tampering.

In addition, nine of other TTA startups including dp smart technology, ELECLEAN, EPED, Sounds Great, Uniigym, ULTRON, ArcRAN, APG, and LuminX Biotech also received gained international recognition.



TTA will Marchs Forward Internationally with O2O Strategy, Paving the Way for Taiwan Startups in the Post-Pandemic Era

Officially launched in June of 2018, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Beside partnering with international accelerators to assist startups with mentorship and fundraising, TTA also leads startups to participate in global renowned exhibitions to establish Taiwan startup brand, create global market exposure opportunities, promote collaboration with international enterprises, and connect with overseas investors.

In response to changes in the global market in the post-pandemic era, TTA marches forward internationally by establishing a location in Southern Taiwan to further strengthen Taiwan’s innovation capabilities while continuing to lead startups to participate in online exhibitions and collaborate with Taiwan Representative Offices worldwide along with trade associations and accelerator partners under an O2O strategy. For the 11 startups that won COMPUTEX d&i awards this year, TTA has started to work on connecting them with the global supply chain and creating a matchmaking platform to expose them to networks of entrepreneurial and corporate investors as well as enterprises for collaboration, enabling Taiwan startups to shine even brighter on world stage.


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