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Government R&D policy and strategy

Two Government Strategy Fields

  • Creating secure economics
  • Ensuring sustainable agriculture


Five Major Industrial Development Objectives

  1. Green Technology Industry

Government devised a plane to transform 2025 Taiwan into a country without nuclear energy. In the Shalun region in Tainan, a Technology Park will be built that will meet the ideas of sustainable development and will serve as a research center of green technology. The park will promote the production of renewable energy, especially solar, wind, geothermal, marine energy and biomass energy.

  1. Smart Machinery Industry

Taichung city on the west coast is the Taiwan leader in the development of intelligent machines with great potential for the future. The Government therefore intends to encourage the development of smart machinery by investing in areas such as talent recruitment, research or marketing. From the development of smart machinery will gradually benefit other industrial sectors in Taiwan.

  1. Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry

Taiwanese experts are among the world leaders in biotechnology. The government will support research and development of already existing centers - Nangang Software Park in the western part of Taipei, Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Zhubei, Central Taiwan Science Park, specializing in the production of medical devices and Southern Taiwan Science Park with expertise in dentistry and orthopedics.

  1. Asian Silicon Valley

Taoyuan City, located near the capital city will become a research center in the field of smart technologies and gain a symbolic name Asian Silicon Valley.

The Government aims to support the development and increase the number of companies focusing on production of the Internet of Things technologies, as well as strengthening ties between local companies and firms in California's Silicon Valley.

  1. National Defense Industry

Strengthening national defense by strengthening information security, aviation and navy. Research in the field of information security will be located in Taipei, the center of the aviation industry will be located in the area of Taichung city. City of Kaohsiung will become a platform for the development of the Navy and the shipbuilding industry.

Last Modified : 2017/03/03