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European institutions

In the event that MOST concludes a cooperation agreement with the European Institute for research projects, question of eligibility and application process is depending on each institute separately. (e.g. Academy of Sciences in Europe accept project applications only from its employees and researchers while in Taiwan anyone who meets requirements MOST may apply for project under the same agreement.)


Czech Science Foundation, GACR  

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, TACR 

Czech Academy of Science, CAS 

Slovak Academy of Science, SAS 

Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport 

Hungarian Academy of Science, HAS 

Polish Academy of Science, PAS 

Bulgarian Academy of Science, BAS 

National Centre for Research and Development, NCBR 

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 

Romanian Academy 

Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, SASA 




Last Modified : 2017/03/03