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2018 Taiwan-Israel Innotech Summit

Date: 2018.Aug.29 (Wed) 09:00 - 16:20
Place: Room201, Taipei International Convention Center
Website: https://edm.bnext.com.tw/2018tiinnotechsummit/


Affected by political difficulties and lack of natural resources, Israel has nevertheless established itself as one of today’s most attractive and successful centers of global venture-capital investment through research and development, innovation, industrial cooperation, and its indefatigable “startup DNA”.


Israelis are not just passionate about startups, they truly understand their potential. The enthusiastic public charge into new startups in recent years has opened the doors for innumerable new startup professionals in the tech sector. For example, advances in deep-learning and facial-recognition technologies have greatly solidified the fundamentals necessary to develop both autonomous cars and smart cities. Also, the increasingly effective collection and analysis of big data is already improving medical testing and diagnostic capabilities and raising global confidence in Israeli medical technologies. Furthermore, against the backdrop of rapidly increasing threats to network control worldwide, Israeli startups have already developed and launched a variety of information security solutions, attracting investment and cooperation from global technology leaders such as Microsoft and Intel.


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) spearheads Taiwan’s exploration and development of the latest technologies. Taiwan-Israel Innotech Forum once again has invited leading figures from key Israeli industries to join in discussions and exchanges with Taiwan business, government and academic leaders; this year in the three theme areas of Artificial Intelligence, Healthtech, and Data Security. It is hoped that this forum, in addition to continuing to fan the warm flames of Taiwan-Israel cooperation, will help create a streamlined platform for Taiwanese-Israeli communications and exchange on startups and scientific research in order to further stimulate technology innovation in Taiwan industry.














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