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Eight Taiwanese Artificial Intelligence Related Startup Companies Attending CES 2019 at Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion

To facilitate Taiwan’s high-tech startups to join the global market, Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, will once again lead a delegation of 44 startup companies to attend CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the U.S. in January. The “Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion,” sponsored by the Ministry, will serve as Taiwan’s national pavilion at Eureka Park during CES 2019.

The Ministry has released two press letters regarding eight CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honorees and eight Cyber Security Startups in the past few days. Among 44 startup companies, eight promising ones are developing their innovative solutions related to Artificial Intelligence application, including AgriTalk Technology Inc. (comprehensive farming system on pest and disease control), AHEAD (AI-assisted Hematologic Analytic and Decision Support), CarKit AI (AIoT mobility infortainment devices), creDa (web-based labeling tool to speed up video data labeling process for deep learning), FaceHeart (AI-based driver monitoring solution), Language Hero (first peer-to-peer AI language video chat app), Mavin (TrueWireless earbuds supporting ANC, Voice IoT and AI application), and Medjade (neurotic disorder efficacy prediction system).


1.AgriTalk Technology Inc.

AgriTalk AI System is a revolutionary and comprehensive farming system that integrates artificial intelligence to deliver total regulation on precise control of fertilization, irrigation and pest and disease control. It can provide fertilize suggestions that help farmers to grow their crops better and foresee possible soil and crop complications.



AHEAD focus on developing diagnostic and disease assessment tools for hematologic diseases using artificial intelligence. “AHEAD-flow” is an algorithm that provides efficient tool for residual leukemia cell detection within 7 seconds. “AHEAD-mcap” is an algorithm, which predict next-3-month relapse and mortality probability by comprehensive assessment on patient past exams and treatment history.


3.CarKit AI

CarKit AI develops AIoT mobility infotainment devices “Roxie” and “Roxie Karaoke.” Both of these products are in-car voice assistants that allow user to drive with reduced destructions while control the music, send messages, setup reminders, read news and manage calendar via instant voice commands. These products can also provide professional Karaoke sing-a-long DSP effect and mixer that allows user to enjoy their drive.



creDa develops a web-based labeling tool to speed up video data labeling process for deep learning “ezLabel.” It is a web platform that allows users to label data anytime and anywhere. Users only need to locate object at the beginning, at the end, and at the rest of the objects by clicking in each video frame to generate the qualified data samples with the least background information.



FaceHeart develops an AI-based driver monitoring solution “eBus” to solve the problem of drowsy driving and alerts drivers if they are fatigue driving or not. By using a normal camera, the system can monitor physiology and behavior of drivers with face detection and recognition technology.


6.Language Hero

Language Hero Smart Chat uses AI to get beginning language students who don't know a word of each other's language comfortably speaking face-to-face. It is the first peer-to-peer language video chat app with content and guidance by creating a relaxed, engaging and real life conversation environment.



With close support from Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd., Mavin has launched the next generation TrueWireless earbuds, “Mavin Air-X,” with the smallest size, longest lasting (10/50hrs) and robust connection (100ft). In addition, it will also support ANC, Voice IOT and AI application in the future.



By combining online brain EEG analyzing technique and pattern recognition technology to analyze patients’ brain waves, Medjade develops a neurotic disorder efficacy prediction system “MagXCure.” This system can help doctors to diagnose the mental health disorder symptoms more efficiently and find out the most suitable treatment for personal health.


TTA x CES- Small Country, Big Strategy

It will be the second time for the Ministry leading delegations to set up a national pavilion during CES. Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion aims to attract technology industries, startups, accelerators, VCs from global ecosystem. As a small country possesses a big strategy, Taiwan’s goal is to concentrate all the resources through “group fighting” and “partners seeking” to brand Taiwan’s high tech startups ecosystem.

Launched in June, 2018, Taiwan Tech Arena aims to connect the global tech startup ecosystem and foster high-tech entrepreneurship in Taiwan. To date, plenty of public and private international partners are located in TTA, including French Tech Taiwan, SparkLabs Taipei, BE Accelerator, SOSV-MOX and IAPS; Canadian Technology Accelerator is expected to join in 2019. Over one hundred startups has joined TTA’s network this year.


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