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Taiwan startup ecosystem’s performance recognized globally while TTA utilizes digital connections to boost the growth for the teams

International Startup Ecosystem Map and Research Center -StartupBlink Validates Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Performance
As the pandemic continues to spread globally, the impact has shifted the market and created new opportunities for startup innovation. Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) charged with the tasks to strengthen the international competitiveness of Taiwan startup ecosystem has actively collaborated with globally well-known research center – StartupBlink since 2020 to reinforce Taiwan’s image as the innovation hub of Asia Pacific.

Based on the Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report 2021, which ranks 100 countries and 1,000 cities worldwide in terms of startup ecosystem performance, Taiwan is ranked 26th globally, increasing 4 spot from last year while Taipei City ranks 41th, improving 1 spot. The report also cites that Taiwan ranks 14th for Hardware & IoT and 15th for Health Technology. The island’s global recognition shows that the integration of inter-ministerial efforts and participation of the private section in recent years plays a significant role in the positive result of the ecosystem development as Taiwan moves forward to take on the position as global key player in deep tech.

It is also noteworthy to mention that Taiwan also performs outstandingly in the StartupBlink’s COVID-19 Innovation Report commissioned by UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange, which ranks countries and cities worldwide in the context of innovation in response to the pandemic. This year, Taiwan ranks 17th globally, jumping 3 spots from 14th place last year while Taipei’s ranking increases from 10th to 9th. This goes to show that Taiwan’s pandemic prevention innovations attracts international attention and undoubtedly earns spotlight in the post-pandemic era.

TTA Leads Startups to Seize Post-Pandemic Business Opportunity through Strengthened Digital Connections
Although the pandemic has stalled face-to-face business meetings, it’s also a turning point for developing digital service and technology. TTA grasps this opportunity to embrace a new startup assistance model. Not only have online mentor office hours to ensure continuing support for the teams, TTA has also compiled comprehensive relief resources for startups to response to the pandemic.

Take this year’s exhibition participation approach as an example. TTA strategically leads startups to global stage by showcasing at 10 internationally renowned exhibitions including VivaTech, Hello Tomorrow, MWC, TechCrunch Disrupt, CES, etc. TTA also provides digital marketing training to startups on top of setting up virtual TTA pavilion to effectively enable Taiwanese teams to achieve maximum online exhibition results. In addition, through networks built up by TTA Silicon Valley and TTA’s international accelerator partners, TTA can still offer startups connections with overseas investors, potential buyers, and business partners through virtual meetings so that the market expansion, fundraising and business activities can continue to thrive.

Since its launch in June, 2018, TTA’s mission is to support startups through international accelerators with not just fundraising but more importantly, connecting startups with international platform to assist them in adapting to the changes in the global markets, post-pandemic era. Through integration of online and offline marketing strategy, TTA facilitates startups to move forward towards viable and more in-depth collaborations with multinationals and overseas investors.


StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report 2021 is downloadable at: https://report.startupblink.com/



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