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MOST Trust-U Program Succeeded in Commercializing Coral Breeding Technology and Attracted Silicon Valley Investors

Innovative coral breeding technology, extracting bioactive metabolites with medicinal potential


Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has added one more successful case to the list for the TRUST-U Program. The project “Breeding endemic corals drives new industries, recovery of fishing villages, and rejuvenation of land” led by Professor Wen Zhi-Hong from National Sun Yat-sen University has been in collaboration with National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium” and “Industrial Technology Research Institute. This project succeeded in developing the world-leading coral breeding technology and extracting the specific bioactive metabolites, which may have pharmaceutical applications. With its great market potential, ForCean Inc. was established and got funded by angel investor, Mr. Randy Chang, the Secretary-General of North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association Silicon Valley Chapter and the Chairperson of Wesoar International Corp.


The technology developed by Professor Wen’s team could not only rehabilitate corals, but also cultivate specific corals in more environmental friendly manner without field collection. The patent research for bioactive compound extracted from these specific corals shows the potential as the treatment of chronic wounds (such as burns or diabetic wounds), atopic dermatitis and itchy of skin.


ForCean Inc. will initially apply this technology for skin care related products, and continue the development for other medical uses. The company aims to bridge the new agriculture with biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, creating large commercial output with a novel business model in coral industry.


TRUST-U Program will continue to support the commercialization of R&D Results from Academia


MOST indicates that TRUST-U Program provided funding to the teams selected from universities in Taiwan which have high market potential, with a view to turning research and development (R&D) results from academia into commercial use and further advancing economic growth. TRUST-U Program started to bloom after nearly one and half years of its introduction and a handful of teams succeeded in getting funded by domestic and international investors. MOST is more than proud to witness the transformation for these academic teams to be more market-oriented with fruitful outcomes.


TRUST-U Program selected 35 and 34 teams in 2017 and 2018 respectively and funded these teams to commercialize their advanced technologies into spin-off enterprise. MOST will continue to support scholars’ similar efforts and encourage the liaison among universities, research institutes and industries, transforming the R&D results into marketable products or services and up-leveling the industrial outputs and values.


Media Contact


Mr. Hung-Wen Kao

Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, MoST




Wen Zhi-Hong, Professor

Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources, National Sun Yat-sen University



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