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Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion at Eureka Park CES 2019 – Taiwan’s Startups Draw International Attentions

Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan, announced the opening of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) at Eureka Park in CES 2019 with 44 tech startups. TTA gathers a portfolio of startups with technology innovation in 6 high-tech fields, including IoT (25%), Cyber Security & Software (20%), AI (18%), Healthcare (14%), Wearable (14%), and Advanced Manufacturing (9%), and showcases Taiwan's deep tech capabilities to the world and creates a stage for Taiwan startups at CES 2019, supporting Taiwan’s entrepreneurs to connect with the global ecosystem, resources and industries.


TTA startups have had a successful beginning during CES 2019. Awowo developed an electronic drum set which can reach near perfect simulation with traditional drums, and has won a 1 million US dollar order. Gintel offers water quality monitor and improve system, and has received an order worth 5 million US dollar from a key European water assessment organization. Moreover, beside the CES 2019 Innovation Awards, Lubn has further won “Forward Thinker Award” (10 thousand US dollar) from the TREND FORWARD Capital.


Genius Holdings, Gintel Tech, Lubn, and OmniEyes have participated in the official media event of CES 2019 Unveiled; and they impressed the global media with their technology breakthrough and innovation solutions. This demonstrates the significant role of Taiwan in the building of international tech startup ecosystem,” said the Deputy Minister Dr. Hsu. The Award Honorees and the Pavilion’s startups will take the stage in the following days to showcase their products and technologies and connect with potential partners, investors, and markets.


Taiwan Tech Arena Leading Tech Startups to Achieve Global Market


During CES 2019, several startups will join various Demo Day Pitch events held in Silicon Valley and Bay Area, hoping to back entrepreneurs from Taiwan to go global with Taiwan government’s long-term endeavors on bridging networks and partnerships with international VCs and corporate.


Launched in June, 2018, Taiwan Tech Arena aims to connect the global tech startup ecosystem and foster high-tech entrepreneurship in Taiwan. It hopes to attract global and domestic talents and actively foster the innovation of technology industries by building a co-creation platform for startups, accelerators, venture capital, and corporate partners. To date, plenty of public and private international partners are located in TTA, such as French Tech Taiwan, SparkLabs Taipei, BE Accelerator, SOSV-MOX and IAPS etc. are looks forward to connecting global investors for its team, having further industrial cooperation, and enhance Taiwan’s reputation in the global high-tech ecosystem.


The Taiwan Tech Arena located at Eureka Park, Sands Expo, Hall G, No. 52443.


Learn more about Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion at: http://se.piee.pw/DQ923


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