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2017 Batangas earthquake sequence (2017 Outcomes)

2017 Batangas earthquake sequence





Name of Principal Investigator:

Ruey-Juin Rau

Department of Earth Sciences, National Cheng Kung University


2017 Outcomes:

A seismic array with five broadband instruments was deployed on the northern Mindoro to study the seismotectonics of the region where Manila subduction terminates and Palawan Continental Block indents into Philippine Mobile Belt. The 2017 Batangas earthquake sequence recorded by the array provides an opportunity to better understand the tectonics by analyzing its distribution. We located the earthquakes using HypoDD and applied Match and Locate to detect small events with low signal to noise ratio. A total of 2167 events, about ten times to the reported, were detected and located in the period between April 1st and 9th. The figure shows the comparison of distributions analyzed in this study (circle) and reported by PHIVOLCS (star), where identical events were linked by black lines. The distribution determined in this study is highly concentrated on the hypocenter of the April 8th Mw 5.9 event and has a 15 km length and a NW-SE trend that generally corresponds to the fault planes of GCMT solutions.

Figure 1: 2017 Batangas earthquake sequence


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