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CES2021 TTA VR Pavilion Benefits Startups Expanding Markets in Space Tech, Pandemic Tech, and Fabric Technology

TTA Startups in Space Tech, Pandemic Tech, and Fabric Tech shine in CES 2021
TTA showcased 100 startups at TTA-VR Pavilion and successfully drew global attention during CES2021. TTA startups shined in prevention technology and seized space development opportunities as well as investment in space commercialization.

In Space Technology, Tensor Tech developed a spherical motor for Space Industry. The cofounder Thomas Yen received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) in 2019 to get connected into Space Industry in Silicon Valley. After showcasing in CES 2021, Tensor Tech received business opportunities with European satellite system provider ISIS Space and expected to co-launch a complete satellite platform solution package. SatRevolution, a SpaceX business partner from Poland, was also attracted to offer a business deal to launch SpaceX Falcon 9 in June 2021 with Tensor Tech’s spherical motor control system embedded.

In Pandemic Tech, ELECLEAN developed ELECLEAN disinfectant device recognized by WHO as an innovative technology in the fight against COVID-19; this year, ELECLEAN has received a total of NT$ 23 million business deal from  Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and more.

In Material Technology, Koup uses patented technology that combines cinnamon extracts and launches anti-bacterial facial mask product. Through the exposure in CES2021 Koup was granted the Seal of Material Excellence raw material certification by Material ConneXion, a world renown material certification agency. An opportunity to work together for material development was also offered by the agency. The certification granted was the golden ticket to be further connected with global top 500 companies through Material ConneXion’s resources.

TTA 100 startup teams successfully attract attention from international investors, media, and corporates through TTA-VR Pavilion. Currently, the startups have received a total of NT$73million orders and foresee receiving NT$200 million business opportunities in the future.

TTA-VR Pavilion remain open after CES 2021 official closing
CES 2021 goes all digital due to the pandemic and is officially ended on February 15. There are a total of 1,943 exhibitors include 681 startups exhibited in CES2021. TTA seized the opportunity in digital transformation and launched TTA-VR Pavilion during CES2021; TTA rates the second highest in terms of the number of startups exhibiting, and TTA-VR Pavilion had attracted more than 2 million views, the number is even higher than CES official digital platform.

Seeing the positive effect of TTA VR Pavilion aiding startups to connect globally, the Pavilion will continuously operate until the end of the year and simultaneously conduct long-term publicity on the TTA official website (https://www.taiwanarena.tech/) in the hope of  attracting more potential partners to explore international market.

TTA continuously leading startups to go global by participating in CES 2022 physical exhibition
TTA is keen to connect Taiwan startups with the global startup ecosystem through joining international exhibitions such as CES and TechCrunch in the US and Innovest in Singapore. Under the epidemic, TTA seized the opportunity to attract more business deals by exhibition digital transformation. With inter-ministerial cooperation, TTA will continue to lead startups to CES2022 to expand the global market.

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