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Ministry of Science and Technology Invited 369 After-PhDs into Industries

The Ministry of Science and Technology organized the opening ceremony of the "Rebuild After PhDs' Industrial and Skill Expertise" (RAISE program) at the Y17 Youth Recreation Center in the morning of March 20. Minister Liang-Gee Chen, Vice Chairman Ming-Ju Lin of the Chinese National Federation of Industries, and Director Teddy Jung of the Allied Association for Science Park Industries attended the event with 369 holders of doctorate degrees and encouraged them to step out from the academia and dedicate themselves to innovation in the industry sectors to help increase the competitiveness of Taiwanese industries.

The first phase in 2018 involved 19 training units and 237 partners who jointly trained 357 doctorate holders and succeeded in finding jobs for 265 of them within the industries. The top 25% of the doctorate holders received monthly salaries of NT$74,000 while more than 50% received more than NT$65,000. The RAISE program headed into its second phase this year and 22 training units trained a total of 369 doctorate holders. The top five industries of the 299 partners in this period were applied biotech, IT software, agricultural biotech, medical equipment, and smart machinery. We hope they can expedite the smart transition of industries in Taiwan and bring forth brand new opportunities for partnerships this year.

Minister Liang-Gee Chen stated that the Ministry of Science and Technology established the RAISE program platform to provide practical value-added training for doctorate holders and guide talents into industries. We hope these talents can make full use of their skills once they set the right goals.

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