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After CES 2019, MOST Leads Startups to Work with Innovation Centers from Various Countries in Silicon Valley

MOST CES2019 delegation arrives in Silicon Valley

CES 2019 may come to an end on January 11th, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan moves forward consecutively. Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, the Deputy Minister, together with 15 startups which showcased at Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion during CES 2019, arrived in Silicon Valley on January 12th and held an international press conference on January 14th, declaring that the MoST will hold three other international events-“Taiwan Pitch Night”, “Innovation without borders” and “Speed Dating Event”, to assist Taiwanese startups in connecting capitals and resources from Silicon Valley after CES 2019.

Round A: Taiwanese startups win global business opportunities up to $180M during CES 2019 TTA startups have had a successful beginning during CES 2019

-Awowo: It develops an electronic drum set which can reach near perfect simulation with traditional drums, and has won a 1 million US dollar order and has planned to work with other Japanese and American companies.

-Lubn: Apart from the CES 2019 Innovation Awards, it has further won “Forward Thinker Award” ($10 thousand) from the Trend Forward Capital. Further discussions with VCs are on-going, and its fund raising status is to be revealed before Q2 2019.

-QT Medical: Its hospital quality 12-lead ECG has been nominated by Forbes Magazine as 1 of the 22 Innovative Technology startups to watch at CES2019 and will become international medical related companies/VCs’ crucial targets.
-ChaseWind: Its VR helmet is expected to win $2M business opportunities from French, Chinese and Japanese companies.
-AgriTalk Technology: Its smart farming system is expected to win $30M business opportunities from companies coming from Dubai, Chile, Canada, Mumbai, the Philippines, Sweden, South Africa, France and the Netherlands.
-Organic Semiconductor Lab: It is expectedto be working with the U.S. government, Canada government, European green building companies, and EDF Energy from France.
-Anchor Tech: Its “NIDO”, which provides traditional vending machines a solution for adding mobile payment, has been talking to major beverage companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sandori and Mitsubishi and is estimated to win $10M business opportunities after it finishes its customization items before Q1 2019.


Round B: Moving Forward to Silicon Valley/Bay Area to organize “Innovation without borders” and “Speed Dating Event” Related Events

To facilitate cross borders innovation events as well as connecting other countries’ resources in certain areas, Taiwan Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), located in Silicon Valley and affiliated under the MoST, has become strategic partners with more than 10 similar units from various countries in Silicon Valley, such as KIC from South Korea, NEDO from Japan, and French Tech San Francisco from France.

After CES2019, the MoST leads a delegation of 15 startups to Silicon Valley and Bay Area to hold pitch competitions and business matching events. The pitch competitions will be divided into two stages. “Taiwan Pitch Night”, as the first stage, will be held in the evening of January 14th at Hanahaus, Palo Alto. The top two startups which stand out from this competition will be selected to participate in the “Innovation without borders” competition, which will be the second stage and be held in the evening of January 15th at Omni Hotel, San Francisco.

The intention to organize “Innovation without borders” is to promote deep-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as assisting our startups to go global while connecting Taiwan’s robust manufacturing supply chains. TIEC will work with Japan, South Korea, Nordic Countries, France, Canada and Switzerland’s innovation centers in Bay Area/Silicon Valley to organize this event. Each country will recommend 1-2 startups to do the elevator pitch. Dr. Jia-Ru Li, CEO of LILEE System, will become the keynote speaker to share his experience before the pitch event. The winner will be invited to Taiwan Tech Arena, located at Taipei Arena, to enlarge their business development and to work with more strategic partners.

The Ministry will also organize a “Speed Dating Event” on January 16th at Startup Café, Menlo Park. It is estimated to invite more than 12 VCs and angels to join, including SVB Financial Group and Brand of Angels.

Through cross boarders cooperation, the Ministry’s goal is to connect Taiwan’s ecosystem with the Silicon Valley one and to build up high-tech emerging industries as well as creating quality job opportunities.

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