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Taiwan and Luxembourg jointly set up new activities, create new opportunities in the field of science and technology!

Mr. Daniel da Cruz, Director General for Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion, Ministry of the Economy, Luxembourg is leading his delegation have a business visit from July 18th to 20th. During his visit, the delegation co-hosted a Luxembourg Innovation activity with the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) in Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) today. Within the activity, Luxembourg introduced its entrepreneurship environment and the experience of Europe market to Taiwanese startups. Also, this event is the first cooperate between Luxembourg government and MOST in the field of technological innovation.

Dr. Choyou-Huey CHIOU, Director General of Department of Academia – Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, expressed that TTA has been invited to lead a startups delegation to participate 2019 ICT Spring in Luxembourg this May this year. We had invited Mr. Daniel da Cruz to visit Taiwan to seek further possibility of collaboration. This event can be regarded as a follow-up result between the two countries.

Luxembourg is committed to technological advancement and Taiwan's advantages of technology-related application

Luxembourg has been committed to technological upgrading from European financial centers to be part of smart transportation (self-driving), innovation, financial technology, security, Internet of Things, circular economy, commercial space and other fields. One of reason of this trip is to understand more deeper of Taiwan's advantages of technology-related application, to find future cooperation possibilities

Mr. Daniel da Cruz expressed that Taiwan is a strong trading partner for Luxembourg and added that both partners have much in common as pioneers of innovation and leaders in the field of technologies. Their ecosystems are complementary and excellent platforms for companies which are seeking to establish their business activities in Europe and Asia, respectively.

The event invited Luxembourg ICT and security expert Mr. Michele Gallo, Mr. François Thill to explain the Luxembourg’s recent technological developments, and invited Mr. Ken Pentimonti, manager of Paladin Capital and Mr. Olivier Zephir, consultant of Technoport sharing the experience of Europe market.

TTA, portal to global market

TTA is an entrepreneurship ecosystem, focusing on AI, software and semiconductors which brings talent, capital, technology and market to this. At the same time, MOST promotes the integration of Taiwan's science and technology with the international market through TTA. Through cross boarders cooperation, the Ministry’s goal is to connect Taiwan’s ecosystem with the European ones and to build up high-tech emerging industries as well as creating quality job opportunities.

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Department of Academia-Industrial Collaboration and Science Park Affairs,
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
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Last Modified : 2020/04/15