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MOST Successfully Leads TTA Startups to Explore Med-tech Hub in Eastern America and Firstly Connects with Leading Global Med-tech Resources

MOST Firstly Connects with Boston’s Startups Communities in Capital, Talent, and Technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan leads bio-tech startups to firstly explore east America, and build national pavilion with technology innovation brand Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) in the MedTech Conference 2019. There are in total 12 selected startups attending this important event.
In order to showcase our research outcomes and AI capability, the teams focus on 3 applied fields including “rapid diagnostic test”, “health care test” and “innovative medical device”, which are also in line with the trends of bio-tech markets in American East. During 3 days exhibition, the 12 startups have been through 180 matchmakings of capital, talent and technology, which have attracted global medical giant firms and academic and research institutes’ attention.
TTA Successfully Connects with International Partners such as Havard(HI、MGH), Johnson & Johnson(J&J Innovation) and Life Science Nation

In order to strengthen Taiwan's biotech innovation connections with global startups communities, TTA proactively connects the teams with local resources through the events’ channels, and also invites the key guests to visit to enhance the teams’ development in fields of AI, software and semiconductor smart medical care in artificial intelligence, software and semiconductor. Hence, the startups can be noticed by industry representatives and investors all around the world.

Heroic-Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd. demonstrated its latest artificial intelligence combined with respiratory monitoring, and was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA, the American College of Anesthesiology, the American Dental Association, and the US Military Medical Unit. Respiratory monitoring, voice recognition and other functions also obtained its clinical trial and business cooperation. FaceHeart Inc.'s AI face recognition detection Heartbeat technology collaborated with HP's photography identification and Qiaoshan Health Equipment's cloud-based smart system.

APrevent Medical Inc.'s postoperative adjustable throat implant obtained the global pathway cooperation with Japanese medical materials. Summed Taiwan Inc.'s medical catheter and wound patch platform reached an early stage cooperation opportunity with international giants Terumo, Academic Institutions University of Pittsburgh and University of Massachusetts during the exhibition.

Taiwan’s Med-tech Startups Drew International Attentions

Biotechnology industry, startups, in New England is now booming, and Taiwan biomedical industry was lacking channel with it. With the aim of establishing channel with Boston’s high-tech and med-tech resources, Science and Technology Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston was launched in the end of 2018. One of it’s main missions is to build connections and having cooperation with local startups resources and other key research institutions (e.g. Harvard University, MIT, and etc.). Therefore, MOST leads TTA’s startups to world class startup events, the Medtech Conference 2019, and further help with matching bilateral industries, technologies, talents, and capitals of Taiwan and Boston. Indicated by Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, the Deputy Minister of MOST.

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