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4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage(MAR. 23~27th, 2020)


The Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage (APConf) aims to address management and protection strategies of underwater cultural heritage in Asia and the countries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the 21st Century, facilitate regional cooperation through the development of academic, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and governmental networks in the Asia-Pacific region, and provide a forum for discussion of technical and ethical issues related to underwater cultural heritage and underwater archaeology.

A wide range of people involved with underwater cultural heritage are encouraged to attend including those from universities, government agencies, museums, NGOs, IGOs, the private sector and the community.  This conference follows the successes of the Inaugural Asian Academy for Heritage Management Asia-Pacific Regional Conference hosted by the National Museum of the Philippines in November of 2011, the 2nd Regional Conference hosted by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the University of Hawaii Marine Option Program, and the 3rd Regional Conference hosted by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


Dr. Bill Jeffery, Dr. Hans Van Tilburg, and Dr. Brian Fahy, on behalf of the APCONF 2020 organizing Committee

Conference organizing Committee Co-Chairs

Website: http://www.apconf2020.ntou.edu.tw/


Last Modified : 2020/02/04