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82 startups from Taiwan Tech Arena win 13 Innovation Awards at Eureka Park CES 2020

Under initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) organizes a delegation of startups for CES 2020 leaded by Deputy Minister Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu during Jan 7th to 10th (local time). With 82 startups who have been selected by Consumer Technology Association and venture capitals from Silicon Valley, TTA builds up a pavilion at Eureka Park and wins 13 Innovation Awards.

“This is the 3rd consecutive year for TTA attending the exhibition, and we just won 8 awards last year, “said Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu at the opening on Jan 7th.”The growth of the numbers of awards shows that Taiwan’s scientific and technological innovation power is internationally recognized. It is not only making Taiwan an iconic place for startups, but also highlighting the achievements and determination of TTA to support our teams.”

During the opening day, the MOST has interactions with officials from important startup nations. Deputy Minister Hsu had communication with Minister Graham Stuart from UK’s Ministry of Investment, and further made a consensus to enhance bilateral tech-startup cooperation. Moreover, the MOST delegation also visited Japan and French pavilions in CES, further interacting with Eiko Okuya, Vice President from JETRO and Bertrand Velon, Vice Director of Business France. On the other hand, TTA pavilion also draws CNBC, EETIMES, TWICE, and other global iconic media’s attentions to Taiwan’s entrepreneur policy and ecosystem.

The teams who win Innovation Awards show Taiwan’s strength in technology

The TTA delegation ranks the third-largest participating country in Eureka Park this year, second to France and South Korea, and let the world know Taiwan’s forward-looking technology with 3 major areas includes AI, intellectual technology and health care.

The winners  of Innovation Awards are as below:
- LuluPet : AI smart cat litter box is the world’s first litter box with built-in stool and urine image recognize and excretory behavioral algorithms.
- AgriTalk: Provide customizable AI that tells the soil microbiome distribution and nutrients left inside the soil.
-AuthenTrend: Bring fingerprint enabled security authenticators from personal to business, from centralization to decentralization.
- Taiwan user-friendly sensor & technology: Develop a portable device providing rapidly food test results.
-Ible Technology: Develop a compact but powerful wearable air purifier.
-Brilliant Optronics:Provide multi-function smart window film can be switched between transparent, tint, privacy protection and image displaying state.
-Rice Ear: Develop the world’s first Apple home kit and personal air purifier.
-Nestech Corporation: Offer customized access control solution with hardware and software.
-Happy Island Tech: Develop GALERDO Baker Pro is the world’s first headset free swim audio tracker base on real-time AI voice feedback for the lane swimmers.
-Yun yun AI Baby Camera: Develop a smart baby monitor using AI to send proactive alerts that safeguard babies and toddlers.
-Jarvish: Develop the world’s best mass-market smart safety helmets
-Ganzin: Focus on creating the next generation eye tracking modules that can be easily integrated into AR/VR modules to help unlock the potential of the eye as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.
-Mindtronic AI: Focus on automotive product design demonstrates us in the highest degree of robustness and reliability, and we are diversifying our offering to mobile and consumer electronics.

TTA makes the best effort to build Taiwan as global technology startups brand

Launched in June 2018, TTA is a pioneer program funded by the MoST, the program aims to connect global resources, build a more high-tech startup friendly ecosystem, and foster high-tech entrepreneurships in Taiwan. TTA hopes to attract global and domestic talents and actively foster the innovation of technology industries by building a co-creation platform for startups, accelerators, venture capital, and corporate partners. Via participating CES 2020, TTA looks forward to connecting global investors for its team, having further industrial cooperation, and enhance Taiwan’s reputation in global high-tech ecosystem. 


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