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GLORIA Showcases Innovative AI Applications as New Drivers of Industrial Development

The manufacturing industry has accounted for over 30% of Taiwan’s GDP in recent years. Making the industry smarter will significantly drive Taiwan’s economic development. At this year’s COMPUTEX from 5/28 to 6/1, Ministry of Science and Technology’s GLORIA will present latest trends and technologies of precision machinery, system integration, AI, IoT, and Big Data, and applications for manufacturing.

National Formosa University’s Smart Machine Engine universal manufacturing machine networking platform offers transparent information of assembly line, and establishes management and control applications and services in order to enhance efficiency and yield rate. This domestically developed technology utilizes OPC UA communication format, and can be directly introduce to existing facilities of clients for upgrade. It also features IoT function for remote monitoring, control, and immediate compensation, allowing clients to monitor production data at all times. The platform can connect with 80% of equipment controls currently available in the market. NFU will also showcase Laser R-Test. The intelligent multi-axis machine tool calibration system allows speedy inspection of 3-axis machining or 5-axis machining of five-axis machine tools, and can be used for all kinds of inspections; wireless operation makes it more convenient, and operators do not need extensive training. This is the world’s only non-contact calibration system with ISO/CD 10791-6 certification, and is the solution to the lack of shared inspection tools of domestic companies, helping local Taiwanese companies meet ISO standards.

Chung Yuan Christian University’s AI Intelligent Manufacturing Solution for Mold and Injection Molding Supply Chain improves traditional experience-based design process of molds, systematically accumulating design experience and complying with standardized design codes to enhance reliability of molds and efficiency of design. Real-time online bi-directional correction technology can greatly improve precision and avoid processing errors, and combines 3-in-1 optimized processing parameters to enhance efficiency and reduce cost. The total solution for injection molding industry can effectively improve production efficiency and capacity, generating a new wave of benefits and providing service to over 60% of related industries within the supply chain.

Feng Chia University’s shoe-making intelligent electromechanical system and network-real integration development technology features digital twin construction for a small number of diverse production lines, traditional and modern heterogeneous machine integration technology, and big data line reliability analysis technology, helping in the substantial breakthrough development of the traditional manufacturing transformation in the future, and improving the overall intelligence of domestic technology. FCU also showcases the Data-driven forecasting and health management techniques for predicting the remaining useful life of milling machine tool tools (PHM), which conducts diagnosis on milling machine tool and remaining useful life prediction through industry big data analytics; the diagnosis results will be uploaded to the cloud database and mobile APP can be used to instantly obtain the cloud data, which show the health status of the machine and provide user suggestions. PHM is one of the important technologies for Taiwan's industrial upgrading industry 4.0.

MoST consolidates the research energy of the schools, and helps industries to find their best matches, bridging research achievements with real scenarios, through branding, internationalization, and merchandising, for enhanced competitiveness in the global market; precision processing and system integration are areas with several research achievements ready for commercial applications, and in the future, MoST GLORIA will continue to help match enterprises and technical teams to propel the development of industry 4.0.


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