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Research assistant and postdoctoral positions in Biophysics and Biosensing

[Job type] Two full-time research assistants and one post-doctoral researcher

[Project description] This project develops the use of natural cell membranes and membrane proteins to convert signals between biological and electronic components for the applications in biocomputing and green energy. The cell membrane has its unique and superior functions. This project will directly obtain cell membrane vesicles with membrane proteins of interest from cells and deposit them on hydrogels to form controllable cell membrane sheets for various biomedical applications. The researchers will perform one of the following research topics: (a) development of surface plasmon resonance enhanced Raman spectroscopy for label-free detection of membrane proteins in their natural environment; (b) development of cell membrane sheets to convert the signals between nerve cells and electrons components; (c) development of natural thylakoid membrane sheets to convert light energy for water splitting.

[Discipline] Chemical Engineering, bioengineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical science, physical science, life science, or other related discipline.

[Location] Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University [Benefit] Additional 1.5-month salary at the end of the year and health insurance. [Salary] The salary of a research assistant is based on the reference table for the full-time research assistants of the National Taiwan University (attached). The salary of a post-doctoral researcher starts at NTD 58,350/month for the first year. Salaries can be increased based on the previous experience and performance.

[Application method] Please send your application to lingchao@ntu.edu.tw and specify "Applying for Research Assistant or Postdoctoral Researcher–the applicant’s name" in the main subject. Your application should include a brief cover letter summarizing your interests, expertise, and research goals and a CV containing prior and ongoing publication(s) and contact information for two references.

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