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AI Innovation

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) plans to build an AI innovation ecosystem encompassing such different aspects of AI as human resources, technology, and industry. We not only seek to achieve a smart society, but also make Taiwan a key player in the global AI value chains. The following are this initiative's five major strategies:


a. R&D Services

Constructing an AI Computation/Storage Infrastructure: Establishment of an AI R&D platform to meet the massive computing and storage resource demand of research projects, enabling industry and academia to focus on technology development in deep learning and big data analytics.


b. Value-added innovation

Establishment of an AI Innovation Research Center: MOST will fund the establishment of a smart innovation research center by universities in Taiwan, invest in key areas of AI technology development, and cultivate top talents. Our goals are to develop new AI technology tools, and make the research center an industry-linking platform and provider of AI big data.


c. Creativity & Practice

Creation of an Innovative AI Robot Makerspace: Establishment of an innovative self-developed base at the Central and Southern Science Parks in Taiwan, providing an intelligent robot control experience environment that offers unmanned aerial vehicle and AI-related robot assembly training. This makerspace will emphasize practical hands-on testing and verification, and training of interdisciplinary human resources.


d. Industrial pilot program

AI chip Moonshot Project: In response to the revolution in AI technology, IoT devices in various areas are being tested. Through this program, we will provide core technology supporting AI industry supply chains, and focus on researching and developing leading-edge smart chip semiconductor process technology.


e. Social Participation

Formosa Grand Challenge: To encourage citizens to learn more about AI and stimulate more creativity, we will build a technology arena and host the Formosa Grand Challenge, which has an NTD 20 million first prize. We look forward to many contenders vying for victory in this competition!


Although AI is not yet an industry, AI applications are needed in many fields. Taiwan is a good experimental testing location, and can cooperate with global industries. Taiwan's connections will benefit international business development, and further enable the mutual interaction of science, technology and talents. AI will be needed for the future development of various types of industry, and the foregoing AI strategies are expected to enhance the overall economic competitiveness of Taiwan.


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Last Modified : 2018/08/15