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Innovative Invention, Created by the Partnership of MOST and MOE Focusing on Innovation for the Transformation of Technologies

Taiwan Innotech Expo 2019 will be held from September 26 (Thu) to 28 (Sat), 2019 at the TWTC Exhibition Hall 1. To demonstrate the innovative energy generated from the technology R&D from the academe and technology industries, MOST and MOE have partnered to establish the “Innovative Invention,” by gathering all the national and public research institutes, public and private colleges, and occupational colleges as the exhibitors. The theme of the year is “Get Inspired Beyond Imagination,” to encourage academe and technology industries to dream so that the innovative ideas are generated; to navigate their lives and to act to explore the unlimited possibilities of technical developments. The exhibition focuses on the innovative R&D outcomes “aligning to the social demands” and “developing industrial technologies.” By selection, 59 technologies that are recommended to exhibit in the Expo. Each of them is the technology applicable currently or in the near-term, with a certain market value. It is expected to enhance the interactions like technology transfer between industries and R&D teams, patent partnerships, among other things, to achieve the technology matching and commercialization.

Popular highlights of technologies from the innovations driven by the common efforts of MOST and MOE

1.A Smart Clothing Design of Pattern-Making and Refining for Taiwan National Athletes This smart sportswear is able to help Taiwan national athletes to win Olympic gold medal and beat the world record. Base on the study, the research team investigates on 8 sports by female and male users to design.

The aim of the research is to develop smart clothing for 16 Taiwanese national athletes to training and preparing for attending 2019 Summer Universiade. The research utilizes a wearable electronic device, functional textiles under Olympic games require level, well pattern-making technology and garment details to construct customized smart clothing for completive sports propose, including weight lifting, woodball, swimming, basketball, archery, shooting, hammer throw and western rowing. The smart clothing offers professional athletes, their medical team and coach construct smart swimwear in real time for both male and female users. The athlete, coaching team and medical team are able to read the date of electronic module to train athletes easily.

2. Formula Student EV Student Formula is the largest engineering design competition worldwide, dating bac to more than 40 years ago. We developed our very own battery management system as well as improved the battery infrastructure, ensuring higher voltage as well as better safety; we completely redesigned the suspension system, monitoring different dynamic performances via individual shock absorbers; we also used the lighter and stronger carbon fiber as the material for our wishbones.

3.Sperm sorter and sperm sorting method effectively increasing the birth rate The sperm sorter and sperm sorting method developed by NTHU applies sperm sorting chips to the infertile male patients with inactive sperms or oligospermia, to sort their sperms. The technology has two features: (1) The top 1% active sperms are filtered to be applied for IVF, special treatment of sperms, or micromanipulation; (2) The structural design of the chips stimulates the activities of sperms as much as 20%, and significantly increases the quantity of active sperms as a whole, for the application to IUI. For the global infertility market, taking China as an example, the market scale in 2018 was about NTD 120 billion, and the global market in the next five years is expected to have opportunities of USD 15 billion (NTD 450 billion).

More than 20 technical presentations will be held in the Expo, with diversified and rich events. For more information, please check the official website (www.most.org.tw) to navigate the selected exhibits in advance.


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Research Assistant Fellow He, Sing-Rong
Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, MOST

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