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18th International Stirling Engine Conference

    The International Stirling Engine Conference (ISEC) that began in Great Britain in 1982 has grown and flourished over the years. We take great pleasure in announcing that Stirling International Association <http://www.stirlinginternational.org/default.asp>  and National Cheng Kung University <http://web.ncku.edu.tw/bin/home.php>  will co-host the 18th International Stirling Engine Conference in Tainan, Taiwan from September 19 to 21, 2018. The 18-ISEC will receive the visit of the distinguished guests and participants from research institutes, universities and companies all around the world working on the topics relevant to Stirling technology.


    Tainan city, as the venue of 18-ISEC, is one of the most important cultural and touristic centers in Taiwan. Tainan as well is the oldest ancient site with its historical and religious background. This city offers a great number of attractions and historical sites within reach. We invite you to attend the 18-ISEC and hope you have a great time here while enjoying friendships, having scientific discussions and initiating new collaborations.

Last Modified : 2020/09/23