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Tackling Organic Waste Treatment Problems Clients Recognized A TRUST-U Project By Placing Orders

Successful academic research commercialization of eco-friendly enzyme technology

TeTanTi Technology has held the opening ceremony of its enzyme factory in the Taichung Industrial Park on 29th July. Featured with the facilities of "rapid organic waste processing technique" innovated by Dr. Chiu-Chung Young from National Chung Hsing University, Academician of Academia Sinica, and his team, a range of environmental-friendly enzyme products and service is presented. The company has also revealed its success in acquiring the following domestic customers, including Nin Jiom, Hung Chiau, Lung Lai, and Shinfu Liudi. This development has marked a new milestone in the academic research commercialization initiated by the TRUST-U.

It is believed that, once there is a solution to processing organic wastes available, the problems of illegal dumping, food safety concerns caused by food wastes, expensive treatment cost, odor from composting process, and etc. can be resolved. Dr. Young's unique eco-friendly enzyme technology and maturation equipment have realized the rapid organic waste process solution, turning wastes into organic fertilizer in just 3 hours. This is the only solution currently available in the world, and can easily replace the traditional composting process that takes up to 3~6 months. In 2018, the company received NTD300 million funding from domestic and overseas investors. This year, the company is recognized as Taiwan's Top 10 Coolest Startup.

Academic technology has resolved industrial trouble worth NTD00 billion

TeTanTi Technology has successfully received orders from 4 customers. The placed orders include the treatment of Chinese herbal medicinal residues for Nin Jiom, and processing food scraps and organic wastes for Hung Chiau, Lung Lai, and Shinfu Liudi. Looking forward to the future, the company aims at the problem of palm oil wastes in Malaysia and Indonesia which is accumulating more than a-hundred-million tons per year with NT$500-billion annual business scale.

According to Dr. Chyou-Huey Chiou, the director general of MOST’s Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, TRUST-U has been helping potential academic research projects commercialized.  Till today, more than 12 startups have been successfully established and more than NT$1.25 billion have been funded with local and international investments. There are a lot of academic research with full potential in Taiwan. They bring good resolutions to various present problems for all kinds of industry, and are expected to further create social benefit.


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Mr. Hung-Wen Kao
Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, MoST


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