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To Promote Research Integrity, MOST Host Academic Ethics Workshop

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) hosted a “Workshop on Academic Ethics” at the GIS NTU Convention Center today (December 6), inviting Y. Henry Sun, Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Molecular Biology at Academia Sinica and Tien-Hien Chang, Deputy Director of the Genomics Research Center at Academia Sinica to deliver lectures on the topics of “Reflection and Retrospection on Academic Ethics” and “Doing Good Science.”


At the opening of the event, Yu-Han Tsou, Vice Minister of MOST, stated that in its role as the leading provider of funding for research in Taiwan, last year MOST established an Office of Research Integrity (ORI). The main task of the Office is to strengthen the institutionalization of research ethics in Taiwan, including front-line work in research integrity, developing good standards for scientific research, issuing the E-Newsletter on Research Integrity, providing education in research integrity, and improving the internal management of MOST-funded institutions. The work of the Office will strengthen scientific research in Taiwan and create a better research culture. According to Liang-Gee Chen, Minister of MOST, reviewing violations is the final step in ensuring research ethics. Researchers should think carefully about what scientific research means and how to do good scientific research. The main job of a scientist is to seek truth. The “Workshop on Academic Ethics” is held in order to strengthen knowledge on academic ethics and thereby improve the quality of research. MOST encourages innovation in scientific research and respects the differences between research fields and their special characteristics. Academic ethics is a part of the self-regulation of the academic community. Aside from MOST regulations, MOST also encourages the academic community and research institutions to announce their own standards on research ethics and academic ethics in order to standardize and clarify existing regulations.


According to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), this series of events will focus on how to implement academic ethics from the perspectives of the nature of scientific research and scientific research methodology. In addition to the workshop in North Taiwan, workshops will also be held on December 18 at National Dong Hwa University (East Taiwan) and in March next year at National Cheng Kung University (South Taiwan). It is hoped that holding these workshops around the country will allow more opportunities for discussions and idea exchanges with researchers. In the future, MOST will also organize activities on different topics such as research ethics in different institutions and research disciplines, academic publication. MOST seeks to apply continuous advocacy and engage in promotion work to deepen awareness of good research practice in Taiwan, developing good research conduct and awareness, creating a better research culture and ensuring that Taiwan is a trusted partner in the global research community.


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