Slovak Academy of Sciences invited Germany Office of MOST to Visit Slovakia

On May 26, 2014, received by Dr. Dušan Gálik, Scientific Secretary of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), and accompanied by Dr. Ján Barančík, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the SAS, Dr. Suang-Jing Pong, Director of the Germany Office and Czech Republic Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the ROC (MOST), took the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) up on its invitation, and paid a courtesy call to the well-respected institution, in Slovakia. Dr. Gálik is a philosopher, and also a scientist. Slovakia greatly appreciates the technology exchange with Taiwan, as the enhancement of the cooperation between the two sides is a fine example set to internationally expand pragmatic cooperation with other countries, said the outstanding scholar in the meeting. In the past, Slovakia and Taiwan had already developed a considerably successful research program on the topic of nanotechnology. The visit this time actively focused on the topics of medical cancer research and social humanism for the discussions that will be held in Taiwan in 2015. After the meeting, Dr. Barančík accompanied the Germany and Czech Republic Office of the MOST visiting Bratislava Castle and Bratislava City Museum, by the Danube. Later in the day, Dr. Pong headed to Vienna, the capital of Austria, to call on other related institutions. (Yi-Ching Lin Jauh, National Taiwan University)
Last Modified : 2015/06/24