German Chamber of Commerce Introducing Energy Industry

While the motion at home supporting the Anti- Nuclear Policy ceased preliminarily, the Representative Office in Germany has also started inquiring about immediate results of renewable energy. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Schwerin (IHK Schwerin) of the state capital Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern recently invited the ROC Representative Office, accompanied by the former Federal councilor Hans-Joachim Hacker, to visit relevant companies. On the interactive seminars, the technological development by Germany’s renewable energy industry was introduced to Taiwan. Although Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is not a traditionally major technology center in Germany, the state has also begun to actively promote the development of renewable energy industries, including offshore wind energy, biomass energy, batteries and solar industries, in recent years. On the morning of April 30, the IHK Schwerin had arranged presentations by the industrial parks and the technology center for the visiting groups. Later in the day, the Representative Office led by the ambassador of the ROC to Germany Agnes Hwa-Yue Chen also visited battery storage plants, hydrogen fuel cell technology companies as well as medical technology manufacturers. (Sonja Lin Kirsch, University of Cologne )
Last Modified : 2015/06/24