NSC Aquamarine Power Delegation Visit UK Research Institutes

During this visit, the NSC delegation called on Aquamarine Power to discuss its famous marine energy device, "Oyster", which is now undergoing sea-site testing at EMEC Orkney. The advantage of "Oyster" is its simplicity. The number of moving parts is minimal and all electrical components are onshore, making it robust enough to withstand the rigours of harsh seas and reducing the maintenance cost. The NSC delegation also called on Marine Current Turbine's tidal power system, "SeaGen", which was installed at Belfast in Northern Ireland in May 2008 and is the first commercial-scale underwater turbine with a rated power of 1.2MW at a current velocity of 2.4m/s. The blades of the turbines can rotate 180 degree and thereby keep the generator rotating in the same direction when faced with alternative tidal currents. It is the second time the NSC delegation has attended a bilateral ocean energy workshop in the UK, indicating how greatly the NSC values bilateral cooperation in this field. During the workshop researchers from both countries shared knowledge and exchanged ideas about their areas of interest. The EPSRC representative confirmed that the meeting was seen as a great success and some potential cooperative research themes had emerged through mutual discussion in the workshop. The delegation was lead by Prof. Liu, Jin-Yuan, National Sun Yat-sen University, and composed of Prof. Leu Syue-Sinn, Vice President of National Kaohsiung Marine University, Prof. Song Yan-Hui from National Chung Hsing University, Prof. Fang Ming-Chung from National Cheng Kung University, Prof. Liu Cho-Teng from National Taiwan University, Prof. Cheng Chi-Cheng from National Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Prof. Tzang Shiaw-Yih from National Taiwan Ocean University, as well as PhD student Mr. Tsai Cheng-Syun. In addition to those mentioned above, Prof. Huang Cheng-Liang, from National Cheng Kung University, Mr. Kao Ruey-Chy, Deputy Director of Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory, and Mr. Hsueh Ping-Chang, PhD Student at the University of Southampton, also attended these activities and boosted the Taiwanese research group. Dr. Hu Chang-Tze, Director of the Science & Technology Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, as well as two assistant directors, also accompanied and assisted the delegation.
Last Modified : 2015/06/24