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The Program of establishing a safe food system: transparency of supply chain

Due to the frequent occurrence of food safety issues, consumers in Taiwan are highly concerned about the safety of foods, and there is a need to create a safe food system that can alleviate consumers' concerns. Food safety can be defined as the situation in which all food raw materials, processing, preparation, and storage will not pose any hazards to human beings. However, since the deterioration of food may be due to changes in biological, microbiological, chemical, physical, or nutritional properties, or to fraud, food safety is a complicated issue and requires the application and integration of expertise from food and nutritional science and other fields. In addition, the transparency of information plays an important role in management of food safety.

The purpose of this proposed program is to guide the food industry in achieving supply chain transparency via the integration of traceability, production, and the flow of information. The program will include analysis of national laws and regulations, institution of food safety management from production to the consumer and diffusion of the management model, establishment of a food damage simulation system, and adoption of a food automation early warning system, an innovative border inspection system, and public communication platform. Traceability confirmation tools will also be investigated. In addition, models for estimating the shelf-life of various products and processing technologies for reducing contaminants will be developed, and guidance provided to small food manufacturers to help them comply with management guidelines based on scientific evidence. Exposure to high-risk substances will be investigated and the transparency of information explored. The program will therefore address both processing technology and regulatory science connected with preventive principles in order to establish a safe food system and ensure confidence among consumers and the global market.

Last Modified : 2018/08/07