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Key Space Industry Technology Development Projects

8/1/2018 – 7/31/2021
1. The Formosat-5, an earth observation satellite designed and manufactured entirely in Taiwan, was successfully launched into orbit on 8/25/2017, and later began sending back high-resolution images. This success has fully demonstrated Taiwan’s considerable achievements in space technology and its space industry’s development potential. To continue promotion of state-of-the-art space technology, MOST has announced 3-year projects focusing on key space technologies. These projects aim to advance Taiwan’s capacity in certain key space systems, and will facilitate the cultivation of talent in relevant fields. Academic institutions are encouraged to develop key know-how in Taiwan, and new technologies can be verified through flight testing. It is expected that the results of these projects can greatly accelerate the development of the domestic space industry.
2. Based on Taiwan’s available resources, present technical advantages, and future demand, MOST has drafted long-term strategies for the development of two key space systems: (1) a sounding rocket and (2) Cubesat, and academic institutions will take the lead project planning and implementation. To ensure effective use of available facilities, collaboration with relevant industries, research institutions, and international organizations is strongly encouraged. Relevant projects are expected to complete the following 4 major tasks:
(1) Promoting the practical application of the results of academic research by industry;
(2) Cultivation of postgraduate human resources specializing in key space technologies;
(3) Integrating and applying domestic research capabilities to the development of space technology;
(4) Establishing the necessary capacity and technology for the successful implementation of the 3rd phase of the National Space Program.
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