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Recruitment for full-time Lecturer Department of Chinese Literature National Central University

1. Qualifications: Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. or hold qualifications to act as Assistant Professor and above in Humanities, Liberal Arts or a closely related field.

2. Specialization Requirements and vacancy: 1 full time lecturer with Classical Prose expertise. Applicants who able to set up courses related to History of Chinese Literature are preferred.

3. Require documents: Applicant with Assistant Professor qualification should submit four copies of all following materials; meanwhile Associate Professor and Professor should submit seven copies:

a) Curriculum Vitae, including educational background, research fields, list of published works, teaching experience, teaching and research proposal, photocopy of highest academic degree certificate (applicant with overseas graduates should attach a certified copy of degree certificate and transcript) and a New Appointment Lecturer Works for Approval Checklist (Download here: http://in.ncu.edu.tw/ncu7060/files_web/20170503111949.doc) . Please attach a copy of certificate of Teacher Qualification at Institutions of Higher Education also if available.
b) Representative and Reference Works:
i) All works need to be consistent with those listed in New Appointment Lecturer Works for Approval Checklist. Non-Mandarin works should attach an abstract of 5000 words in Mandarin.
ii) Applicant without certain grade of teaching qualification, should send their works with following methods:
A) Newly appoint Assistant Professor and Associate Professor: Maximum five works that published after granted the previous grade.
B) Newly appoint Professor: Representative Works should be published within five years and Reference Works should be within seven years before application, after granted the previous grade. Those who was pregnant within these periods, are allowed for a two-year extension, prior to the date above.
C) Applicant who submit Representative Works from regular contribution to local or overseas academic journal, should be published within one year from the enrollment letter granted.
D) For works of joint authorship, please attach a testimony or agreement from the co-author on the first page.

c) Offprint, facsimile and photocopy are allowed, but please be printed in A4 size and state clearly for processing efficiency.

4. Softcopy of Curriculum Vitae and New Appointment Lecturer Works for Approval Checklist must be sent to department office mailbox (ncu3100@ncu.edu.tw) before deadline. Please indicate “Lecturer Application-Grade-Name” in the subject line.

5. Expected Starting Date: 2st semester of 108 academic year (1st February 2020)

6. Application Deadline: All materials must be sent to the department office by 4th March 2019 (Monday).

7. Material Returns: All submitted materials will be returned to applicant via “Paid-by-Addressee Delivery Service”. Applicants will be informed once the recruitment procedure has done.

8. Remarks: Once recruited, works submitted for this application cannot be used for promotion in the future.

發佈日期:2018-12-28 00:00:00

聯絡人:Cheng Chi-Shin




地址:National Central University, Department of Chinese Literature No. 300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli Distric

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