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2020 Tamkang University, Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering

1. Ph.D. in Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical Engineering or related fields
2. Ability to teach in English preferred
Academic Specialties:
The Department invites applications from candidates specializing in machine
design, manufacturing, or mechatronics related fields, and being able to teach
“Mechanical Drawing”, “Computer Drawing”, “Manufacturing”, and related courses.
1. Position: All departments that hire do so at the level of full-time Assistant Professor or above. All
newly hired full-time Lecturers and Assistant Professors are appointed by contract. Those who pass
the second year appointment process of the teachers’ evaluation and third level teachers’ review
committee are amended to be full-time teachers in the organization table. After the change, salary and
promotion are considered based on the years of the contract periods.
2. Application: Please self-register and upload related information online at
http://info.ais.tku.edu.tw/staffsjob between January 20, 2020 and February 24, 2020:
(1) Submit profile, research and publications information. (Assistant Professors without a Ph.D.
degree or Associate Professors (and above) without a Certificate of Teaching Qualification must
have produced four or more publications in the past five years.)
(2) Submit in electronic format documentation of education and experience:
a. Proof of the highest level of education completed (or temporary proof of completion) and transcript. (Candidates who have earned a degree from a foreign university which does not issue transcripts are exempt from supplying a transcript.)
b. Candidates who have earned a degree from a foreign university but do not hold an equivalent Certificate of Teaching Qualification issued by the Ministry of Education should send the proof of education and transcript to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ROC Embassies) for verification, and have the entry and exit dates verified at the National Immigration Agency.)
c. Two letters of recommendation. (If the letters are confidential, send them directly to the appropriate department in sealed envelopes. On the envelope, please indicate the name of the department you wish to apply for as well as your own name. The envelope must be postmarked with a date no later than the deadline.)
d. Certificate of Teaching Qualification issued by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (if applicable).
(3) Submit supporting documents required by the department (please see the department’s job announcement).
(4) Submit supplementary documents (optional).

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