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GLORIA Offers New Solutions for Taiwan’s Agriculture and Aquaculture

The ICT industry is one of Taiwan’s competitive industries. Through intelligent techniques, we can facilitate upgrade of Taiwan’s agriculture and aquaculture; and with latest research on techniques and processes, we can also reduce pollutions. These have become major research objectives of MoST GLORIA. At the COMPUTEX, which opens from 5/28 to 6/1, GLORIA will showcase latest solutions of biotechnology and new agriculture, including aquaculture, agriculture, and mariculture.

National Sun Yat-sen University’s Intelligent IoT Aquaculture Monitoring and Management Information System combines aquaculture and IoT, information management system, and smart analysis, allowing rapid integration of aquaculture and informatization to convert the traditionally labor-intensive operation into a semi-automatic system that monitors and conducts smart analysis and prediction on its own, while also providing environmental warnings and suggestions for effective aquaculture. The Smart Field Cultivation Server continuously collects environmental data for big data analysis; it can be accessed via smartphone for remote monitoring and smart management, establishing the relation between climate and weather, and growth of crop, and realizing reasonable fertilization and prevention of pests for quality produce. The monitoring data can also be used to formulate responsive strategy for natural disasters and pests.

National Chung Hsing University presents the efficacy of a biocontrol product of Bacilus mycoides for protecting crop health and its application techniques. In addition to enhancing growth of various plants (including tomato, lettuce, rape, cabbage, and asparagus bean), B. mycoides induce resistance against pests and plant pathogens. The isolates of B. mycoides have been developed into a biofungicide and a biofertilizer for culturing healthy crop seedlings and controlling a number of diseases in orchid, tomato, strawberry, cucumber and rice. The B. mycoides-related products not only promote plant growth by providing necessary nutrients, but also induce plant resistance against a variety of pathogens; reduce the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, avoiding environmental pollutions due to the use of heavy metals and pesticides, and could improve soil productivity, sustaining agricultural development for generations to come.

National Taiwan Ocean University’s Lipoplex – Novel Oral Drug Delivery System for Economic Animal is a new oral drug delivery system that offers economic and companion animal populations better treatment. This unique oral Lipoplex encapsulates preparation nano-lipids in micro-lipids to effectively prevent damage in the gastrointestinal tract of living organisms. It is the only effective solution to prevent grouper virus infection in the market. It effectively increases production capacity and fish health, reduces the abuse of antibiotics in the breeding process and improves consumer food safety.

In the ever-more globalized future, upgrading agriculture and aquaculture technologies is the foundation that supports a nation’s steady development. GLORIA will showcase during the COMPUTEX 67 technologies developed by 18 universities, hoping to bridge the rich academic achievements with industrial demands, facilitating transition and upgrade of domestic industries.


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Last Modified : 2019/06/02