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Introduction to the Southern Taiwan Science Park

Overview of the Science Park Administration

The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) comprises the Tainan Science Park and the Kaohsiung Science Park, and occupies a total of approximately 1,613 hectares. The park's six major industries have consisted of the IC, optoelectronics, precision machinery, biotechnology, computer and peripherals, and communications industries, and an effort was made to integrate the Park's resources with the existing industrial development infrastructure. As of the end of 2017, there were 222 tenant firms, which formed industry clusters in the areas ICs, optoelectronics, precision machinery, biomedical devices, and green energy.
STSP provides roughly 2,600 dormitory units for company personnel, including individuals, families, spouses, and managers, and a nearly shopping mall caters to residents' everyday needs. National Nanke International Experimental High School consists of an elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and a bilingual department, and is considered a benchmark educational institution with a far-reaching vision and an international perspective. Many children of STSP company employees study at this school. Additionally, there are public sports grounds and a fitness center where various types of ball games and running events are regularly held, which is in line with STSP's goal of becoming Taiwan’s first “Healthy Science Park.” 

In addition to the active recruitment of business investment and the building of quality industrial clusters, STSP has devoted great effort to the construction of ecologically landscaped lakes, the preservation of cultural heritage sites, the installation of public art, and the holding of various types of cultural and artistic events. STSP is not only a science park, but also an ideal place for employees to build their homes, dreams, and futures. 


Overview of Science Park Sites

Tainan Science Park

The "Economic Vitalization Package" approved by the Executive Yuan in 1993 called for the establishment of the Southern Taiwan Science Park. The Phase 1 Site of the Tainan Science Park was approved in May 1995 with the passage of the STSP Preparation and Establishment Plan, and the plan for Phase 2 of the Tainan Science Park was passed in September 2001.

Tainan Science Park is located in Tainan near the boundary of Xinshi District, Shanghua District, and Anding District, and occupies roughly 1,043 hectares. This science park site contains many leading firms in the optoelectronics, IC, precision machine, biotechnology, and green energy industries. Among enterprises in the Park as of 2017, TSMC--the leading firm in the IC industry--announced it would build 5nm and 3nm foundries in Tainan Science Park. This announcement has helped Tainan Science Park to attract some of the world’s other top manufacturers and build the world's largest IC industry cluster. By linking existing green energy firms with nearby academic and research institutions, and through cooperation with Shalun Green Science City, the Tainan Science Park has jointly developed an innovative green energy industry ecosystem. With regard to the optoelectronics industry, TFT-LCD manufacturers led by Innolux and Hannstar satisfy smartphone and tablet manufacturers' massive demand for displays. With the rapid development of touchpads, HannsTouch and Innolux, along with relevant TFT-LCD component, material, and equipment makers, have formed an integrated touchpad industry cluster of strategic importance at the Tainan Science Park.


Southern Taiwan Science Park


Kaohsiung Science Park

In May 2000, the Executive Yuan agreed to the development of STSP's Luzhu Science Park in Luzhu District, Kaohsiung (renamed as the Kaohsiung Science Park in July 2004), and this plan was officially approved in April 2001.

Located near the boundary of Luzhu District, Gangshan District, and Yongan District in Kaohsiung City, the Kaohsiung Science Park occupies roughly 570 hectares, and contains numerous leading firms in the optoelectronics, medical device, and aerospace industries. Since 2017, in order to develop innovative R&D capabilities in the field of medical devices, and to increase the value of medical device production, the Science Park initiated the Southern Taiwan Smart Biomedical Industry Cluster Promotion Program in order to introduce ICT technology and promote the development of smart healthcare services. In addition, the Science Park has continuously recruited startups and existing medical device and information software firms. With the initiation of the STSP Aerospace Key System Technology Upgrading and Promotion Program, the Science Park has integrated government resources with academic and research capabilities to assist with the advancement of Tier N-1 technology and the acquisition of aerospace certification allowing existing aerospace companies to join supply chains and receive orders from leading international companies. Since 2017, the implementation of the Southern Taiwan Smart Biomedical Industrial Cluster Promotion Program has encouraged the joint development of innovative technologies by government agencies, universities, and research institutions, and has helped STSP firms to adopt smart production capabilities through the establishment of a consultation platform, grants, and subsidies. Field projects have helped ITRI to build Taiwan's first 3D medical device printing and manufacturing workstation, which can assist relevant manufacturers to engage in design, testing, and OEM. A 3D medical device printer that complies with international standards was also successfully developed, and will help firms produce more 3D printed medical devices for international markets.


Kaohsiung Science Park

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