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MLSS 2021 TAIPEI (Machine Learning Summer School) is calling for your participation!

Dates & Time: On-line lectures

【8/02~8/06】09:00 to 17:30 Taiwan time (GMT+8)

【8/09~8/20】20:00 to 22:30 Taiwan time (GMT+8), including a 30-minute Q&A

Other Virtual Events (Panel Discussion & Poster Presentation): will be updated soon


 Website & Application: http://ai.ntu.edu.tw/mlss2021/


 Purpose:

The machine learning summer school (MLSS) series started in 2002 with the motivation to promulgate

modern methods of statistical machine learning and inference. It was motivated by the observation that

many students are keen to learn about machine learning, and an increasing number of researchers want to

apply machine learning methods to their research problems. Machine learning summer schools present

topics that are at the core of modern Machine Learning, from fundamentals to state-of-the-art practice.

The speakers are leading experts in their fields who talk with enthusiasm about their subjects.


 Programs & Deadlines:

- General Program (virtual lectures and events): June 30th

- Standard Program (poster presentations and virtual lectures and events): June 20th

(The language of instruction is English. Participants are expected to have a good English qualification.)


 Fees:

- General Program: Student: free / Non-student: USD$50

- Standard Program: Student: USD$40/ Non-student: USD$120


 Tentative Topics:

Attack and Defense, Bayesian Inference, Causal Inference, Fairness & Interpretability, Generative Model, Graph

Neural Network, Life-Long Learning, Meta Learning, Neural Architecture Search, Optimal Transport,

Reinforcement Learning, Self-Supervised Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Theory of Deep Learning


 Speakers:

- Karteek Alahari (Permanent Research Scientist / Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Center)

- Srinivasan Arunachalam (Research Staff Member / IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)

- Michael Bronstein (Professor / Imperial College London)

- Kai-Wei Chang (Assistant Professor / University of California, Los Angeles)

- Ming-Wei Chang (Research Scientist / Google Research)

- Pin-Yu Chen (Research Staff Member / Trusted AI Group.PI / IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)

- Marco Cuturi (Research Scientist / Google Brain)

- Arthur Gretton (Professor / University College London)

- Song Han (Assistant Professor / Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

- Cho-Jui Hsieh (Assistant Professor / University of California, Los Angeles)

- Henry Kautz (Division Director of CISE/IIS / National Science Foundation)

- Been Kim (Senior Research Scientist / Google Brain)

- Philipp Krähenbühl (Assistant Professor / University of Texas at Austin)

- Jason Lee (Assistant Professor / Princeton University)

- Prateek Mittal (Professor / Princeton University)

- John Shawe-Taylor (Professor / University College London)

- Csaba Szepesvari (Professor / University of Alberta)


 Organizers:

MOST Joint Research Center for AI Technology and all Vista Healthcare (AINTU)/ College of Electrical

Engineering and Computer Science, NTU/ The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language

Processing (ACLCLP)


 Contact us: +886 2-3366-3558 (Carol Li), mlss2021taipei@gmail.com

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