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Good News from 2019 BIO International Convention! MOST Joins with Boston-based Accelerator SmartLabs in Branching into International Markets

The 2019 BIO International Convention formally opened today, on June 4. The Vice Minister Dr. Dar-Bin Shieh, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), lead a delegation of start-up teams under the MOST's GLORIA program attending this event. And each one of the teams engage in a "one by one pitch" with SmartLabs, which was founded in 2015. Within three years, the coaching team has created 7 IPO, which raised a total of 7 billion US dollars with a 28% successful rate. Today these start-up teams will have chance in accelerating incubation and entering international markets through the contact with SmartLabs

The seven teams of GLORIA delegation are carefully selected by The Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs from National Taiwan University、National Yang-Ming University、National Taiwan Ocean University and National Central University GLORIA, focusing in precision treatment, prospective drugs, and AI-based medical treatments.

The Vice Minister Dr. Dar-Bin Shieh mentioned that Taiwan has outstanding capabilities in information and communications industries, along with a well-known and solid medical system. Through this interaction, many accelerators and incubation centers in the Boston area are very optimistically looking for future cooperation with Taiwan. Especially with SmartLabs stating it will create win-win cooperation in the future.

Dr. Amrit Chaudhuri mentions that he is interested in several GLORIA teams and is positive about Taiwan's original creative energy, and provided some business model suggestions for Goldsitron precision therapy targeted sensitization enhanced radiotherapy from Yangming University. He also points that temperature-sensitive cell capture coating from National Central University will provide key continuous cell manufacturing advantages in the value chain in emerging cell therapy and regenerative medicine industry. For the AHEAD team from NTU, not only there are clinical physicians and information scientists, but also real application by combining AI algorithm and machine learning that provides pioneering assistant tool in the clinical diagnosis and decision making for clinical physicians in leukemia and lymphoid cancer.

Dr. Dar-Bin Shieh, the Vice Minister of MOST, also mentions that biomedical industry is the core of growth impulse in next generation industry of Taiwan. Under the full support of Taiwan Biomedical Industry Innovation Program, Taiwan will construct biomedical ecosystem for sustaining the growth of this focusing area.

SmartLabs is collaborating with MOST and plans to establish new site in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, assisting Taiwan’s biomedical industry to enter the global value chain/supply chain, and expand overseas market.


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Last Modified : 2019/06/06