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Call for proposals 2007 between NSC, Taiwan and CSIC, Spain

The National Science Council (NSC) signed a scientific cooperation agreement with Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) on March 1st, 2006, in the purpose of promoting the scientific cooperation with Spain. NSC and CSIC agree to reinforce the scientific exchange between two sides and signed an agreement of the next four years on June 29th, 2006. According to this agreement of work program, NSC and CSIC will develop and finance the following subjects between two sides as joint cooperation project; researcher exchange and scientific workshop.

The CSIC, established in 1939, is the first national research organization in charge of 124 research units and 2,416 researchers. The main work of CSIC is to study and carry out Spanish scientific and technical policy. The research area include: human and social science; biology and biomedicine; natural resource science; agriculture technique; fundamental science; material science; aliment science; chemistry and chemical engineering.

40% of the financial aid of CSIC comes from the national and European Union scientific programs. At the end of 2006, CSIC will obtain an extra support from the Ministry of Education and Research which will be an advantage to promote the international cooperation.

Concerning the NSC-CSIC cooperation project, it should be proposed and completed by both Taiwanese and Spanish PIs who will organize a research team individually in their own country. The Spanish PI has to follow CSIC processing and apply on-line, and the Taiwanese PI has to follow NSC applying procedure. The topic of the project can be different but the research contents (English text accepted) of the cooperation project should be related. Each PI can submit one project only.

The guideline of 2007 program (NSC part)

The priorities of cooperation for years 2007-2008 are as below:
1. Physics
2. Micro-electronics
3. Biomedicine
4. Biotechnology
5. Material Science
6. Optic-electronics
7. Energy Technology
8. Information
9. Astrology
10. Molecular Biology
11. Oceanogrophy

Status of PI:In accordance with NSC research project applicant status

Application procedure:Please go on NSC website and follow the application procedure for international cooperation project.

(1) Deadline for application:October 31st, 2006
(2)Announcement of final results:End of December, 2006
(3)Executive date:January 1st, 2007~December 31st, 2008

Number of supported projects:3

Important note:

1. The research detail should be discussed sufficient between Taiwanese and Spanish PIs and the detail of cooperation should be all agreed by both sides.

2. This cooperation project is principally for two years, the one-year project is acceptable. The Taiwanese PI mentions only the travel and research expense in C002 Table and brief research contents in C012 Table with the abstract and expense of Spanish part.

3. Please upload the CVs and publications of Spanish PI and researchers during the applying procedure.

4. The financial support will be given if NSC and CSIC both agree with the project of each side. The limit is one project for each PI.

5. The following cases of application will not be accepted : - Only one side submits the application; - The application form has been received after the deadline; - The application does not obey to the applying procedure.

6. The purpose of researchers exchange is not only to carry out the project but also to develop the learning and training abilities of Taiwanese researchers.

Contacts :

CSIC:Ms. Adela Martinez Collazos
           Tel :+34-9-1585-5121;
          Fax : +34-9-1585-5119
          E-mail: a.martinez@orgc.csic.es

NSC:Department of International Cooperation National Science Council Taipei
            Mr. FU, Shien-Da傅顯達
            Tel : +886-2-2737 7810;
            Fax : +886-2-2737 7607
            E-mail sdfuh@nsc.gov.tw

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