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SwiCity for Infinity Cycling

SwiCity E-bike IoT, an interdisciplinary research of technology roadmap on the basis of social demand project of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), is a next trend-technology for bike and E-bike mobility future. Dr. Kuan-Jiuh Lin et al. demonstrated two cutting-edge technologies in 2018 Taipei Cycle Show—Infinity Bike and Swi-Lock. 

1.“Infinity Bike-- Wide-range wireless communication and efficient charging technology makes Infinity Biking possible”

The frame of the bike is made of lightweight carbon fiber.  The on-board power generator provides the power for the bike itself and Swi-IOT kits.  At the same time, bikers can charge their mobile devices. With the help of Swi-IOT composed of hybrid LoRa/NBIOT, people can track the location and condition of their E-bikes, search for food and touring sites, and match bikepals around them. Dr. Kuan-Jiuh Lin emphasized that such wide-range wireless communication and efficient charging technology makes “Infinity Biking” possible, and may change the definition of biking in the near future.

2. “Swi-Lock creates the E-bike mobility sharing”

Made of 100% stainless steel, Swi-Lock is a smart bike lock that meets highest American standards in safety. The lock is hidden in the bike mainframe and can be easily located and unlocked with a biker’s smart phone and Waygo ticketing solution, which accepts the payment via the EasyCard and various kinds of payment options that users used via their smart phones.  Dr. Lin highlighted that his team will make Swi-Lock a common barcode standard & open payment system soon. The easy access and the convenience of Swi-Lock system are supposed to bring bikers brand new Mobility as a service experience.

As the human-oriented design spirit, the SwiCity has been extended to smart transportation, open course education, smart agriculture, and public services. The success of the SwiCity E-bike project is still to effectively integrate the fundamental basic technology into Taiwan's manufacturing maker in a timely manner for creating a new worldview on cycling in Taiwan.



Media Contact:

Professor Kuan-Jiuh Lin

Department of Chemistry, National Chung-Hsing University

+886-4-2284-0411 ext802, +886-987237756




Dr. Chin-Wei Chen

Program Manager/Assistant Research Fellow,

Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development,

Ministry of Science and Technology





Last Modified : 2018/11/06