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Best colleges in the service area of Science and Technology Division in Houston

知名大學 (Best Colleges)
(Source: America’s Best Colleges, U.S. News & World Report, 2008 Edition)

  1. Best Universities/Colleges (with Doctoral Program)
    Washington University in St. Louis ( Ranked 12th)
    Rice University (Ranked 17th) 
    University of Texas-Austin (Ranked 47th)
    Tulane University, LA (Ranked 51th)
  2. Liberal Arts
    Carleton College (Ranked 8th)
    Grinnell College (Ranked 14th)
    Macalester College (Ranked 25th)
    Colorado College (Ranked 30th)
    St. Olaf College (Ranked 47th) 
  3. Engineering programs without Ph.D. programs
    Baylor University, TX (Ranked 21th) 
    Trinity University, TX (Ranked 27th)
    University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (Ranked 27th)
    LeTourneau University (Ranked 38th)
    St. Louis University (Ranked 29th)
    Texas Christian University (Ranked 38th) 
  4. Engineering programs with Ph.D. programs
    University of Texas-Austin  (Ranked 11th)
    Texas A&M University-College Station (Ranked 17th)
    Rice University (Ranked 17th)
    University of Minnesota (Ranked 25th) 
    University of Colorado-Boulder (Ranked 35th)
    Washington University in St. Louis (Ranked 38th)
    Iowa State University (Ranked 38th) 
  5. Business programs 
    University of Texas-Austin  (Ranked 6th)
    Washington University in St. Louis (Ranked 13th)
    Texas A&M University-College Station (Ranked 30th)
    University of Iowa(Tippie) (Ranked 35th)
    University of Colorado-Boulder (Ranked 35th)
    Southern Methodist University, TX (Ranked 39th)
    Tulane University  (Ranked 43th)
    University of Arkansas (Ranked 43th)


Last Modified : 2015/08/12