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Press Release: 100 Taiwan startups back to CES 2021 at TTA-VR Pavilion


Jan. 11, 2021


Taiwan's success in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to bring their businesses back home, which gives our startups new competitive edges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of human beings. Fortunately, at this critical moment in crisis, cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G mobile communications, Internet of Things, and blockchain have reached maturity and have been applied in various fields of everyday living. With the outstanding performance in fighting the pandemic, we have attracted a large number of successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to come home and engage in Taiwan's technological innovation ecosystem, and are joining hands with them to march into the global arena.


The Ministry has invited 31 institutions across Taiwan to jointly launch 100 startup companies to challenge the CES 2021 qualification.

For the CES 2021 event scheduled on January 11, 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology together with central government agencies, local governments, and academia, in a total of 31 institutions, has invited 100 startups to show the world the innovations of cutting-edge technologies Taiwan has to offer. We believe that the world will get to see Taiwan's technological innovation products and smart solutions.


TTA in advocacy of Taiwan's technological innovations, using digital marketing to connect to global business opportunities

To enhance Taiwan’s innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, the Ministry with the launch of scientific research entrepreneurship programs in the past few years has successfully commercialized the basic scientific research of Taiwan’s academic research institutions. Also, the establishment of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), has helped our tech startups to connect with global resources and to shine on the international stage.


Creating “TTA Taiwan VR Pavilion” to inject new forces into international exhibitions 

To exuberantly present Taiwan's technological innovations on the global stage, the Ministry has upheld the four essences of “team building, venue setup, marketing endeavor, and global connection” to make TTA virtual pavilion the spotlight of the CES 2021 exhibition.

On the “team building”, the Ministry has selected the 100 startup companies out of 204 contestants and given them one-on-one team customization training; on the “venue setup”, the “TTA Taiwan VR Pavilion” is created, which provides real-time guided navigation and supports remote cross-region/border browsing, on images of the products, vendors and VR booths, allowing visitors to quickly locate the products of interest.

On the “marketing endeavor”, the Ministry has used customized international marketing solutions to maximize the visibility of the teams’ display, by making videos to strengthen the images of the teams, and quickly fitting the 2D product pictures to the 3D panoramic background to create a visual experience like the viewer’s showing up on the scene in person, for maximum attraction. On the “global connection”, diversified online matchmaking exchange and Pitch events are given to help the teams connect to global vendors and venture capitals. All the elaborations will draw high global attention to Taiwan's technological innovations.


TTA platform leads world-class innovation, capital funds, talents, and technology to connect with the world.

TTA is aimed at promoting the internationalization of our country’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and to drive domestic universities to innovate and cultivate young talents. Since its inception, TTA has attracted 31 scientific and technological innovation-related institutions around the world to jointly help more than 300 startup companies at home and abroad, as well as cultivate newcomers, to engage in the overseas markets, and has witnessed the increasing performance year by year.

This year, we have strictly selected 100 technological startup companies and, through full-range digital marketing, the new competitiveness of Taiwan's technological innovations and digital links is manifested; meanwhile, we have used media by technological innovations to create international visibility of Taiwan's tech startups and increase their appeal for global funding. With all the efforts, we are determined to help more new startups grow ever stronger in the global arena, and create more opportunities for the development of Taiwan’s economy and industry.



TTA – VR Pavilion



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