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Newsletter & Taiwan Research Highlight | May 2021 | New Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability in Taiwan

Science and Technology Policy: 

New Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability in Taiwan

Interview with Chen Junne-Jih , Deputy Minister of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and Chen Hong-Chen, Director General of the Department of Life Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology


Exclusive Interview:

Intervew with Hou Chao-Pai Using Smart Technology to Creat a "Green Gold" Industry


Outstanding Laboratory: 

Environment Fate Studies Lab of National Dong Hwa University Strongly Promotes Sustainable Agriculture to Reduce Nitrogen Footprint


Scientific Research Trend: 

1) New Vision of Transformative Technology- Smart Agriculture

2) Combining Tradition and Innovation to Promote the Development of New Agriculture


Research Highlights: 

Innovation Transition and Scientific Breakthrough of Smart Agriculture in Taiwan


GASE Newsletter (05, 2021)


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