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The Science and Technology of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston is an overseas posting of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Division was first established as the Science Division in the year 1984 by the national Science Council (NSC) of the Executive Yuan in order to keep pace with the ever changing global development of science and technology. The Division was later renamed the Science and Technology Division in 2003, and the NSC was reorganized to become the MOST on March 3, 2014.


Current Director: Jiun-Haw Lee, Ph.D. (2019〜 )


At the heart of the energy, medical and aerospace technology industries, Houston serves strategic importance to fulfilling our mission: collaborating with the international scientific and academic and research institutions between the US and Taiwan, so as to grow closer ties as we proudly serve our designated area with devotion.


Our areas of service include 10 states along southeastern United States:

Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.


International Cooperation is one of the key functions of MOST. We provide the following services to the following individuals/groups:


• Liaison between the ROC and Southeastern US to promote research, development and high-tech industry cooperation

• Assist overseas professionals and organizations from Taiwan

  * Associations

  * Universities

  * Research Institutions

  * Returning Taiwanese Professionals looking for work

• Offer specialized consultation

• Arrange visits for administrators from both countries in the scientific fields

• Facilitate transfer of technology and science between the US and the ROC

• Encourage investment in Science-based Industrial Parks in Taiwan

• Provide information to professionals from Taiwan arriving in our service area

• Set up and fund symposiums/workshops between the intellectual communities from both countries

• Keep our service area informed on the latest R&D discoveries


Contact Information:

Address: Science and Technology Division
             Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston
             11 Greenway Plaza Suite 2018
             Houston, TX 77046

TEL: 713-963-9433

E-Mail: houston@most.gov.tw

Last Modified : 2019/03/16