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News Release: MOST Calls for Startups for CES 2020

Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is going to lead 80 startups to CES 2020, and hope to catch attentions from international by having its national pavilion.


“TTA is now calling startups for CES 2020” announced by Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). “TTA startups have had a big success during CES 2019. There were 8 teams among the 44 startups won the CES 2019 Innovation Awards before the exhibition. Moreover, several startups also successfully drawn attentions from big corporations and venture capitalists and further won 1.8 million USD equivalent business opportunity. Consequently, TTA plans to have 80 startups in CES 2020, and looks forward to gaining 2 million USD equivalent business opportunities.


MOST Joins Hands with Local Government and Leads Tech Startups to Access Global Market

This will be the 3rd straight year that the MOST leads startups and has a national pavilion in CES. This time, TTA accepts nomination of startups from local governments and relevant programs, and looks forward to having 80 startups that has best in minds in 5G & IoT, block chain, automotive, health tech, advertising, robotics, manufacturing, immersive entertainment, home & family or sports. The deadline of submission is 8/15, and the preliminary result is to be announced on 9/16.


TTA Scales Up Startups with Taiwan Tech Ecosystem

TTA will arrange series of program before and after CES 2020. TTA will arrange various Bootcamps for startups in October, tutoring startups’ presentation and marketing skills. TTA will also hold Demo Day Pitch events in Silicon Valley in the following days after CES, helping Taiwan startups to start their global ventures.


Launched in June, 2018, Taiwan Tech Arena aims to connect the global tech startup ecosystem and foster high-tech entrepreneurship in Taiwan. It hopes to attract global and domestic talents and actively foster the innovation of technology industries by building a co-creation platform for startups, accelerators, venture capitals, and corporate partners. TTA will continue to strive for global exposure of Taiwan tech startups and technology capability to deepen Taiwan's key position in the global economy and startup ecosystem.



Media Contact

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Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

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Last Modified : 2019/07/16