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News Release: “We Innovate Therefore We Are!”

“We Innovate Therefore We Are!”

Said Dar-Bin Shieh, Deputy Minister of MOST

before Bio ASIA TAIWAN


The Bio ASIA TAIWAN will be held in Taiwan for the first time starting from July 24th till 28th.  MOST will host the first luncheon forum with “Bio Clusters as a Growth Engine “as the main theme on July 24th.

The forum offers a platform to link experts from Taiwan, Japan, and UK as they witness our real-world bio-cluster success stories.

Dr. Dar-Bin Shieh, Deputy Minister of MOST, will deliver a speech entitled “Taiwan- we innovate therefore we are!”. The presentation will feature the unique position of Taiwan in global biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship and how government supports transform this island to become a perfect ecosystem to boost the value of bioinnovations.

Mentioned by Dr. Shieh, “Taiwan has the spirit of exploration and innovations in our genetics. Fueled by world-leading research and supportive government policies, we are aiming to strengthen the synergy among academia, industry and our international partners. Taiwan is already the hub of ICT innovations and looking forward to having an impact to biomedical industry. We have strong technology and manufacture infrastructure, highly educated talents, and accessible government supports with incentives to promote corporate development to turn innovation into revenue and social impacts.”

In the same forum, Dr. Toshio Fujimoto, the General Manager of Shonan Health Innovation Park of Takeda, will introduce iPARK that is anticipated to establish a long-term partnership with Taiwan Bio-Hub.  iPARK is a paradigm of “open innovation” ecosystem in Japan. Dr. Aleksandr Bedenkov, Vice President of AstraZeneca, will present the initiative of iDREAM to integrate healthcare innovation ecosystems through an external collaboration platform in R&D, education, technology, and government affairs. The initiative was launched in 2018 and will be extend in Taiwan soon in the bio-hubs.

MOST has established a bio innovation ecosystem in Taiwan through integration of an array of value chains to link clinical and market unmet needs to the academia, clinical trials, and the enterprises in science parks. We provide core facilities and rapid prototyping services, and regulatory and commercialization consultations to those at germination stages. These measures significantly enhance the success rate of startups, and eventually boosted to their value up toward next stage.

The Bio ASIA TAIWAN held from July 24th will take advantage the global platform to facilitate international business and technology collaborations as well as fund raising of startup companies through road show and one-on-one meetings. Currently, there are more than 2,000 match meetings arranged and the pavilions were established by nearly 20 nations or regions including more than 13 multinational companies. Fourteen international forums on breakthrough and game changing technologies and related investments in the region will be held with more than 1,500 representatives participated, within which 70% participants are expected at CXO level.

Bio Asia, for the first time, will be held in Taiwan. This event also witnesses a successful government industrial society collaboration thanks to Taiwan Bio. We innovate therefore we are. Innovation is a default to Taiwan to contribute a world of better health and quality of life.


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Jung-Tsun Chien


Department of Life Sciences, MOST



Last Modified : 2019/07/17