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MOST Global Partnership Programs (GPP) - INFEWS

MOST Global Partnership Programs (GPP) - INFEWS

-         concurrent call for participation in NSF's Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water System (INFEWS)


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is the major research funding agency in Taiwan. Each year, MOST funds about 20,000 research projects through a competitive review process enabling Taiwan PIs to do basic and applied research. The research projects are managed by Departments of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development, Engineering and Technologies, Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Science Education. For further information, please see the web link below.



MOST encourages Taiwan PIs to collaborate with the US PIs on NSF INFEWS Program Solicitation in order to enhance international collaboration and expand the impacts on human sustainability-related research areas for the current funded projects. Taiwan PIs’ participation on NSF’s INFEWS is based on existing MOST funded projects. The above-mentioned departments have different funding mechanisms/programs to fund INFEWS-related areas which the US PIs may be interested in inviting Taiwan PIs to collaborate. If the US PIs have already collaborated with Taiwan PIs, it is strongly recommended that they contact Taiwan PIs directly. MOST has already posted the NSF INFEWS announcement to the Taiwan research communities. If the US PIs’ application is funded by NSF after NSF competitive reviews, Taiwan PIs can apply for MOST  supplemental funding for the international collaboration. However, MOST will review the Taiwan PIs request and its decision on the supplemental funding request will be based on the review results.

If the US PIs need further information, they may contact the POC as below for reference.


1. Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development


2. Department of Engineering and Technologies


3. Department of Life Sciences



4. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences



5. Department of International Cooperation and Science Education



MOST Contact:

Jennifer Hu, Program Director, Department of International Cooperation and Science Education: jenhu@most.gov.tw

Last Modified : 2018/02/14