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The MOST promotes science education research in order to improve the academic standards of science education, enhance the quality of science education, and increase the efficiency of instruction. The Science education research encompasses eight disciplines and several programs, all of which seek to resolve current problems in science education, respond to social changes and global environmental trends, and should actively realize research results in the form of practical applications.



Science Education Research


Mathematics Education

Science Education

Diversity Science Education

Information Education

Applied Science Education

Medical Education

Communication and Education of Sci-Tech Literacy for Public

Science Education Practice and Implementation



High Scope

Participation in International Educational Assessment

Development of Taiwan Science Communication Industry

Indigenous Science Education Project

Gender, Science and Technology


In an effort to enhance citizens' scientific and technological literacy, the MOST actively promotes popular science education by employing a variety of means, including by publishing the magazine Science Development to provide coverage on a wide range of popular science knowledge. To further promote popular science education, the MOST encourages companies and communities to contribute their resources to S&T knowledge promotion, and plans and sponsors numerous types of popular science activities each year.


When soliciting popular science activity proposals, the MOST hopes to fund and implement innovative, diversified, accessible, and fun popular science activities, including R&D of popular science education materials, training of popular science education manpower (including relevant workshops), demonstrations, lecture series, hands-on activities, and contests. The themes of activities include shrinking the science learning gap, boosting female students' interest in science and interest and self-confidence in scientific work, and large-scale popular science contests.


In order to create a quality learning environment, the MOST has also created the “Sci-Tech Vista” website(http://scitechvista.nat.gov.tw/) where users can share popular science resources online. The MOST will enhance people’s interaction with science by promoting the website and building popular science social networks.


Last Modified : 2017/11/02