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Guidelines on Nominations for the Tsungming Tu Award

Issue date: August 2, 2006
Issue no.: 095000XXXX

  1. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has formulated these Guidelines on establishing the Tsungming Tu Award (hereafter referred to as “Award”), for the purpose of promoting Taiwan’s international cooperation capabilities and global academic status. The Award recognizes international scholars and experts who have demonstrated excellence in their academic research fields, made remarkable contributions to society, and have actively participated in international research cooperation.
  2. The MOST shall establish partnerships with internationally well-known academic award organizations in various countries by signing reciprocal agreements to recognize outstanding scholars and experts of those countries (hereafter referred to as “Partner Countries”). The NSC shall confer the Award to the Partner Countries’ winners (hereafter referred to as “Awardees”), and encourage Awardees to develop joint research with scholars or experts in Taiwan.
  3. The Award shall be conferred once a year, to no more than three Awardees in each Partner Country.
  4. Award amount and prizes: Each Awardee shall receive a monetary award between US$50,000 and US$100,000, one certificate, and one prize cup.
  5. Nomination qualifications:
    1. A nominator shall meet the qualifications of a principal investigator of NSC-funded research projects.
    2. A nominee shall be a scholar or expert of international renown, with important discovery or achievements in his/her academic research field, and possess citizenship in the Partner Country; priority shall be given to young researchers.
  6. A nominating organization shall be:
    1. A public or private university, college and institute, or public research organization in Taiwan; or
    2. A non-profit academic research organization recognized by the NSC.
  7. Nomination procedure:
    1. A nominator shall submit the following application documents through the NSC on-line system, and also submit formal recommendation letters to the NSC through the nominating organization. Direct application by a nominee shall not be permitted.
    (1) Application Form for Nomination.
    (2) Complete copies of three to five important publications (or practical applications of patents) by the nominee, in the relevant research discipline over the latest five years.
    (3) A chronological list of the nominee’s academic publications.
    2. A submission without complete application documents shall not be accepted.
  8. The reviewing process shall be divided in two stages: document review and panel meeting.
  9. Annual working schedule:
    1. Submission of nominations: accepted from September 1 to September 30 of each year.
    2. Reviewing process: completed by January 31 of the next year.
    3. Announcement of awardees: completed by February 28 of the next year.
    4. Award ceremony: held between March and April of the next year.
    The MOST has the right to announce modifications to the schedule if necessary.
  10. The nominee shall come to Taiwan to receive the Award after being informed by the NSC of being awarded. The MOST shall subsidize the Awardee with a round-trip business class airplane ticket for participating in the Award ceremony.
  11. Awardee’s follow-up cooperation research activities in Taiwan:
    1. The Awardee shall be invited to carry out a joint research project or academic advising work of his/her own choice in Taiwan for at least six months after receiving the Award. The research stay may be split into several periods.
    2. The nominator shall be responsible for the organization and execution of the Awardee’s follow-up cooperation research activities in Taiwan.
  12. Financial support of follow-up cooperation research activities:
    1. The nominator may request extra funding, according to the MOST Guidelines on Subsidizing Research Projects, under his/her own on-going research project in order to execute the joint research project with the Awardee together in the same year of the Awardee’s stay in Taiwan.
    2. The NSC shall subsidize 50 hours of Chinese language courses when the Awardee carries out his/her cooperation research in Taiwan.
    3. The NSC shall subsidize the Awardee’s spouse and children under age of 18 with one round-trip business class airplane ticket per person, provided they accompany the Awardee continuously for a minimum of six months. Each person shall receive the airfare subsidy only once.
    The language courses and family travel expenses mentioned above may be included in the additional funding request for the joint research project described in Paragraph 1 of this Article. Reimbursement and settlement of all additional expenses shall follow the provisions of the MOST’s Guidelines for Subsidizing Research Projects.
  13. This Award shall be granted only once to each Awardee.
  14. Matters not specified in these Guidelines shall follow the regulations of the MOST or other relevant laws.
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