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Chinese Language Course Information

    The NSC will subsidize 50 hours of Chinese language courses during the Tsungming Tu Awardee’s research stay in Taiwan. The language courses will help the Awardee adapt to Taiwan life quicker and easier, and also enhance his/her understanding of Chinese culture during the stay in Taiwan.

    As for the courses, many of Taiwan’s universities have Chinese language centers that provide study programs for foreign students, foreign-born Taiwanese, foreign workers in Taiwan, or anyone interested in Chinese culture and history. Generally, the programs contain two main parts: Mandarin language courses and Chinese culture courses. The learning materials are mainly designed by educators of the humanities, social sciences or communication. Only outstanding scholars are selected to be teachers of the programs. Most of these centers in universities also provide auxiliary equipment and language software to enhance the students’ learning. Some private organizations also provide Chinese language courses, but students are advised to confirm if the organization is recognized by the government to ensure the quality of learning.

    The Awardee can look up information on Chinese classes either through the Internet or through the assistance of hosts in Taiwan. After finding a suitable language course, the Awardee will need to submit a course registration form and payment receipt to request subsidy reimbursement. Expenses above the allotted 50 hours will be borne by the Awardee. In addition, expenses for private tutoring will not be covered by the MOST.

    The subsidy for 50 hours of Chinese classes ranges up to NT$10,000 (the average rate is normally NT$150~200 per hour).

  • International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), National Taiwan University
    Address: 4F., No. 170, Sec. 2, Xinhai Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan
    Mail Address: P.O. Box 13-204, Taipei, 106 Taiwan
    Phone: +886 2 2363 9123 Fax: +886 2 2362 6926
    E-mail: iclp@ntu.edu.tw
  • Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University
    Address: 162 Ho-ping E. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei Taiwan
    Phone: +886 2 2391 4248 or +886-2-2321 8457 Fax: +886 2 2341 8341
    E-mail: mtc@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw
  • Tunghai University Chinese Language Center
    Address: 181 Taichung Harbor Rd. Sec. 3, Taichung 40704 Taiwan
    Phone: +886 4 2359 0259 Fax: +886 4 2359 4408
    E-mail: clc@thu.edu.tw
  • Chinese Language Center, National Cheng Kung University
    Address: 1 Ta-Hsue Rd., Tainan City 701 Taiwan
    Phone: +886 6 274 0715 or +886 6 275 7575 ext 52040 Fax: +886-6-2740715
    E-mail: em52040@email.ncku.edu.tw
  • Web-based Synchronized Multimedia Lecture System, National Chi Nan University
Last Modified : 2015/07/20