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The Tsungming Tu Award, Ministry of Science and Technology

    The Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) is a cabinet-level agency of the ROC (Taiwan) dedicated to managing research and development affairs in science and technology. The main missions of the MOST include promoting national science and technology development, supporting academic research and developing science parks.

    The MOST has established various funding programs (e.g., specific-topic research projects, industry-academic collaborative research, applied technology collaborative research projects, and interdisciplinary integrated research projects), to provide more research opportunities and grants for domestic scholars and experts. The MOST has also established prestigious awards such as the Presidential Science Prize, Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology, and the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, for the purpose of recognizing Taiwanese scholars and experts who demonstrate excellence in their academic research fields and have made remarkable contributions to society.

    In addition, the MOST actively promotes a full range of international cooperation programs, including grants for scholars and graduate students to attend international conferences, grants for science and technology personnel to conduct research overseas, the Taiwan Merit Scholarship, etc. Through bilateral personnel exchanges and cooperation, all these programs aim to unify international resources and reinforce the international collaborative ability and research capacity of Taiwan’s top researchers and teams.

    The "Tsungming Tu Award" established in 2006 effectively unifies all three of the MOST’s main supporting methods, i.e., award for research, support for international cooperation, and grants for research projects. This Award will expand the MOST’s role from promoting national science and technology development to recognizing and rewarding world-class research in Taiwan.

    Therefore, this Award has been designated as the highest academic honor granted to foreigners for research in Taiwan. The Award will be established in cooperation with internationally well-known academic award organizations through the reciprocal endowment of awards. However, the nomination and reviewing procedures will be handled by the MOST and by the partner organization, respectively.

    The Tsungming Tu Award will be given to foreign scientists of international renown with great discoveries or achievements in their academic research fields. The MOST encourages Tsungming Tu Award winners to develop joint research with scholars or experts in Taiwan in order to enhance the quality and value of research on both sides. Likewise, outstanding Taiwanese scientists will receive awards from the partner organizations. This will not only help Taiwanese scientists gain international recognition, but also increase the visibility of Taiwan’s research capacity, expand international cooperation and exchange, and promote Taiwan’s academic status around the world.

    This Award is named after Dr. Tsungming Tu, a legendary figure in Taiwan’s medical field. Having lived through three different regimes of the Ching Dynasty, Japanese colonial rule, and the Nationalist government, Dr. Tu is considered one of Taiwan’s foremost pioneers in many areas. His many contributions span across basic medical research, medical education, as well as medical therapy policy.

    This Award will give priority to bright young researchers and is modeled after Dr. Tu’s lifelong, unrelenting mission of cultivating young talent and leaving no one behind. In Dr. Tu’s words, “I have been a teacher my whole life and have never treated a patient. But I have also educated thousands of students, and they are treating patients for me, and ensuring people’s health on my behalf.” Through this Award, the MOST hopes that many more bright young scholars will rise to international recognition and also contribute their knowledge to society.
The MOST has chosen the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) to be the first partner organization for the Tsungming Tu Award. The AvH is a world-renowned organization and its Research Award is the highest in Germany. Through this reciprocal award, the MOST hopes not only to solidify cooperative relations with AvH, but also to elevate the visibility and reputation of Taiwan’s academic achievements. The MOST also looks forward to establishing more joint research awards with appropriate organizations in other countries.

Last Modified : 2015/05/22