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Medical Insurance Information

    The MOST encourages Awardees to carry out joint research projects or academic advising work of their own choice in Taiwan for at least six months after receiving the Tsungming Tu Award. The nominator and host organization in Taiwan should assist the Awardee in securing medical insurance to ensure proper care in case of illness or accident during the Awardee’s research stay in Taiwan.

  1. When inviting an Awardee to Taiwan, the host in Taiwan should first confirm the type of private medical insurance the Awardee owns and whether it offers global coverage. The host in Taiwan may remind the Awardee to bring his/her insurance card to Taiwan for cases of emergency.
  2. No matter how long the Awardee stays in Taiwan to conduct the cooperation research, the host in Taiwan should buy medical accidental insurance to cover the Awardee’s entire stay. Please refer to the website of Central Trust of China (http://www.ctclife.com.tw/) for its life insurance business. The items covered under “International Technical Cooperation Personnel Comprehensive Insurance” include an accidental death and disability rider, a medical reimbursement for accidental injury rider, and a hospitalization indemnity rider (injury only). Normally, the MSOT will pay insurance premiums for coverage up to NT$4 million maximum.
    Department of Life Insurance, Central Trust of China
    Address: 69 Tuen-Hwa S. Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei Taiwan
    Phone: 02 2784 9151ext 2109 Fax: 02 2701 9365
  3. If the Awardee stays in Taiwan to conduct the cooperation research for more than four months continuously, he/she may apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). The Awardee should apply for the one-year resident certificate at a local police station and use this certificate to request National Health Insurance. The host in Taiwan should provide assistance if necessary.
    Bureau of National Health Insurance
    Address: 140 Hsin-Yi Rd. Sec. 3, Taipei Taiwan
    Phone: 0800-212369 or 0800-030598 Fax: 02 2702 5834
    If any family members accompany the Awardee to Taiwan for cooperation research, it is also recommended that they have medical insurance. However, the insurance payments should be borne by the family members themselves.
Last Modified : 2015/08/11