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Science and Technology Division Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco (S&TD)




The Science and Technology Division, San Francisco has been designated to promote the cooperation and to enhance the relationship in Science and Technology activities between Taiwan, R.O.C. and its service area in the United States, namely nine northwestern States, i.e., Alaska, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.



As a branch office of Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) abroad, the Science and Technology Division, TECO in San Francisco (S&TD) serves as the platform in networking public and private research institutes (including those in universities) and high-tech companies from our service area in USA and those of Taiwan for information exchanges and mutual beneficial collaborations. S&TD also participates all local high-tech activities organized by numerous professional associations and societies.

* Organizing & sponsoring joint technical symposiums and workshops in local and Taiwan
* Coordinating & scheduling delegation to-and-from visits for our service area in USA and Taiwan
* Providing timely information to people interested with R&D status and high-tech development in Taiwan
* Assisting overseas scholars on their career and service back to Taiwan
* Bridging technology & investments in high-tech industries in Taiwan and our service area in USA
* Making business promotions as well as connections for all Science Parks in Taiwan.




As “ Science & Technology Development ”has long been targeted to be one of the major national strategies to establish a sound infrastructure for high-tech industry, Science & Technology Divisions have thus been founded by National Science Council of the Republic of China to bridge geographic gaps between Taiwan and respective overseas locations. The world is flat. The international cooperation has stepped into the new era already. No industry will survive without international cooperation especially in its front end, namely, Science and Technology.
The Science and Technology Division of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in San Francisco (S&TD) has been founded in December 1984. It is affiliated to Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco. S&TD is set up for two major roles: one, to serve as a branch office for National Science Council; and two, to serve as a liaison office for all Science Parks of Taiwan, R.O.C.

Organization Structure





The Science and Technology Division of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in San Francisco (S&TD) is lead by the Director, with one secretary and one assistant as the official staff. To accommodate with special project needs, temporary staff will be arranged for better service to the community. Besides, friends and volunteers all over our service area are extra supports to joining designated activities. Their involvement plays an important role to mingle S&TD with the community.

Geographic Location





The Science and Technology Division of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in San Francisco (S&TD) is located in the city of Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley. It is situated for your convenience, just 31 miles to San Francisco International Airport to the North and 6 miles to San Jose Airport to the south.




Last Modified : 2015/07/21